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L.A. Times Magazine Mar 29 2009

"Boys Don't Cry" first name HILARY
"Good Night" girl IRENE
"It ___ Be You" HADTO
"Love Story" first name ALI
"Madam, I'm Adam" addressee EVE
"Mask" star CHER
"Proud Mary" singer's first name TINA
"Rock-em sock-em" SLAMBANG
"That's ___ need!" ALLI
"The only thing we have ___ ..." TOFEAR
"The Silence of the Lambs" director DEMME
"Today ___ man" IAMA
'99 Ryder Cup champ USA
Actor Jude LAW
Actress Anders LUANA
Actress Felicia FARR
Alfred's prize NOBEL
Angle of a sort: abbr. POV
As written SIC
Baby of early films LEROY
Barrett or Jaffe RONA
Baseball boss Bud SELIG
Beer features ESTERS
Benchley opus JAWS
Big ___, Calif. SUR
Bigness exemplar WHALE
Botanical bristles SETAE
Bounder CAD
Break new ground? HOE
Busting org. ATF
CD ancestors LPS
Charge FEE
Chew the scenery EMOTE
Cigar refuse ASH
Colorful vocabulary SLANGUAGE
Come out EMERGE
Crude abode HOVEL
Debussy's "La ___" MER
Dog food brand IAMS
Drink a toast to SALUTE
Drops on grass DEW
Enzyme ending ASE
Erving's nickname DRJ
Eschew insubordination OBEY
Evergreen FIR
First name in shoes? IMELDA
Frank topper RELISH
Gen. ___ E. Lee ROBT
George's wife MARTHA
Girl in "The Time Machine" WEENA
Green land EIRE
Häagen-___ DAZS
Had some wedding cake ATE
Have ___ (know somebody) ANIN
Herb with bitter leaves RUE
Hitchcock film, for short? NNW
Hollywood first name AVA
Home-shopping channel QVC
Horseback game POLO
Humiliate ABASE
I love, in Latin AMO
Informal gratitude THANX
Is more successful, product-wise OUTSELLS
Israeli's first name EHUD
It's on the house ROOF
Ivanhoe's love ROWENA
Jewish feast SEDER
Just out NEW
Kimono cousin ROBE
Kitchen device OPENER
Kitchen gifts PANS
Lash of Westerns LARUE
Licorice flavoring ANISE
Like ancient symbols RUNIC
Like some decisions RASH
Lincoln et al. ABES
Loud sound BLARE
Makeup, for one TEST
Marries in a hurry ELOPES
Mercurial quality MOODINESS
Merrill's partner LYNCH
Mersey mugful ALE
Modify ALTER
Move slowly PLOD
Neck shape VEE
Needle case ETUI
Nickname for an annoying new relative? (R) BOTHERINLAW
Noble mounts STEEDS
Not-so-good news for a groom? (I) THEBRIDESMAD
Occurrence EVENT
Oil additive STP
Old photo tone SEPIA
Palindromic Dutch city EDE
Part of a long play ACTIV
Passenger RIDER
Pasta topper SAUCE
Peeler PARER
Philadelphia paper: abbr. INQ
Plus-size supermodel and former TV host EMME
Pointer ARROW
Position RANK
Potpourri OLIO
Pottery ovens KILNS
Pre-owned USED
Reduction CUT
Reverence AWE
Roberto's bear OSO
Runs smoothly HUMS
Sailor's reply AYE
Setbacks LOSSES
Shoe hue TAN
Show one's shortcomings when the music starts? (N) DANCEBAD
Singer Jenny LIND
Singer Stuarti ENZO
Something to lend EAR
Spill protectors BIBS
Sporting-gear co. LLBEAN
Stop, for one STREETSIGN
Story TALE
Suffices DOES
Suit option VEST
Synthesizer pioneer MOOG
Texas city WACO
Time to watch out IDES
Tired argument REHASH
Titanic's undoing BERG
Tot's word DADA
Totals: abbr. AMTS
Towing org. AAA
Type of antelope IMPALA
Type of poet ODIST
Wallet material EEL
What a deep-voiced wedding singer might need? (F) LOWERARRANGEMENT
What a priest might accidentally call the bride? (L) YOURAWFULWEDDEDWIFE
What Eskimos do at weddings? (R) THROWICE
What German newlyweds do? (O) EXCHANGEVWS
What newlyweds might drive away in? (L) ALOVELYCOUPE
What to say when the cheese finally arrives? (D) HERECOMESTHEBRIE
When the Nov. 2000 election was over DEC
Yankee topper CAP
Youngster LAD
___ bien (fine, in Spanish) ESTA
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