How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Jun 24 2007

"(d) none of the above," for ex. ANS
"A ___ lama, he's a priest ..." ONEL
"I know you like ___" ABOOK
"The cowl does not make ___" (Bartlett's) AMONK
"Wake Up" girl et al. SUSIES
"___ take it" ICAN
A personal note to my dad THANKSAMILLION
Addams Family cousin ITT
Affectations AIRS
Aleppo's land: abbr. SYR
Ancient landing site ARARAT
Anger IRE
Appliance brand AMANA
Archipelago member ISLET
Arizona city YUMA
At any ___ RATE
Avian cry CAW
Bandit feature ONEARM
Barney's pal ANDY
Basket fiber RAFFIA
Between ports ASEA
Big biters FANGS
Body opening? ANTI
Brit. military honor DSO
British inc. LTD
Bubbly guy WELK
Canine coat? ENAMEL
Card game SKAT
Cheese factor AGE
Chip dip SALSA
Class that makes sweaters? GYM
Conciliatory bribe BONE
Condemner of Rushdie IRAN
Coupon sites ADS
Crown wearer MISSAMERICA
Current choices ACDC
Digital recordings CDS
Docs' org. AMA
Doctrines ISMS
Duplicity GUILE
East ___ OFEDEN
Equilibrium: abbr. BAL
Exhausted DONEIN
Firing metaphor AXE
First name in horror LON
Fist fight SETTO
Follower of Roosevelt TAFT
Footwear brand ADIDAS
Fouls with stickum BEGUMS
Free as ___ ABIRD
French film awards CESARS
Gander LOOK
Greek peak OSSA
Grieg or Munch EDVARD
Grille cover BRA
Hay machine BALER
Heavens SKY
Hombre's home CASA
Houdini's real name WEISS
Hubbub ADO
Hubbub STIR
Identical SELFSAME
Impulse carrier AXON
It goes overboard JETSAM
It's bear-ly visible URSAMINOR
Italian sports car LANCIA
John Hancock, for one SIGNER
Julio's bruins OSOS
KP assigner SGT
Lacerated TORE
Legendary eloping place, ___ Green GRETNA
Lindley of Three's Company AUDRA
Lion's tail? ESS
Losing idea DIET
Margery of rhyme DAW
Martin classic THATSAMORE
Matador-adoring sound OLE
Mole's home?: abbr. CIA
Mosque official IMAM
Mural beginning INTRA
Napped SLEPT
Not implied STATED
One of the 12 tribes JUDAH
Ovine plaint MAA
Ox ending IDE
Painter del Sarto ANDREA
Painting guides, perh. NOS
Paris pals AMIES
Parting words ADIOSAMIGO
Place in the news, 1959 ALASKA
Polite denial NOMAAM
Presidential family TYLERS
Purgatory playwright YEATS
Reaction to the unexplainable ITSAMIRACLE
Rehovot's land ISRAEL
Rubber on a rim TIRE
Rush order ASAP
Rwanda's capital KIGALI
Sailing dir. NNE
Salvador's intro SAN
Sch. staff FAC
Self-serving need? TRAY
Sex symbol? EROS
Shaft ROD
Soft, filmy cloth GOSSAMER
Software step INSTALL
Some cards and bracelets IDS
Some studios LOFTS
Sound processor EAR
Soup-serving needs TUREENS
Stylish CHIC
Sung syllables LALA
Teacher RABBI
The Far Side first name GARY
The King ___ ANDI
The King's daughter LISAMARIE
The talk of the loch NESSIE
Throws neatness out the window MAKESAMESS
Trig functions SINES
Tuck, for one FRIAR
TV oldie, ___ Three Lives ILED
Tycoon's nickname ARI
Uniform feature STRIPE
Venetian she ESSA
Waist material? OBI
Wally the baker FAMOUSAMOS
Ways to go ROADS
Wine vessel TUN
Winter coat PARKA
Write down anew, captain-style RELOG
___ Fox BRER
___ noodles SESAME
___ Paulo SAO
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