How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Jul 01 2007

"Come again?" WHAT
"Excuse me ..." AHEM
"Weather permitting" et al. IFS
"___ got mail" YOUVE
"___ Pretty" IFEEL
"___ what you did!" ISAW
"___ your way?" AMIIN
A few steps below rage IRE
A God in Ruins author URIS
Accusation followup, kid-style ARETOO
Approves OKS
Arg. belongs to it OAS
Asian river, the ___ Darya AMU
Assns. ORGS
Aussie avian EMU
Ave. relatives RDS
Back, on a ship AFT
Bad-mouth MALIGN
Bear up there URSA
Beaver's work DAM
Before, to the Bard ERE
Bonanza finds ORES
Bully's threat ORELSE
By and by ANON
Certain warrior SAMURAI
Chad's home AFRICA
Classic Dr. Seuss film, The 5,000 Fingers of ___ DRT
Comic Rudner RITA
Commotion STIR
Crow's-nest cry LAND
Dad's lads SONS
Disappeared, oxymoronically? TURNEDUPMISSING
Discriminatory, in a way SEXIST
Diver Louganis GREG
Do a slow burn SEETHE
Drive through Beverly Hills RODEO
Driver's aid? TEE
Exod. preceder GEN
Falsehood TALE
Fender bend DENT
Fight sites ARENAS
Flower part CALYX
Fresno-to-L.A. dir. SSE
Fridge forays RAIDS
Gals of guys with gats MOLLS
Gear tooth COG
Ghost and go, e.g. GAMES
Go back (on) RENEGE
Good to go SET
Greed and lust, e.g. SINS
Greenish-blue AQUA
Gymnast's first name NADIA
Hair holder NET
Hamlet TOWN
Heavy hauler SEMI
Helen Keller's first word WATER
Identical drink (with "the") SAME
Ingrid's Notorious co-star CARY
Insurer's worry RISK
Intro to pad or port HELI
Ipanema's city RIO
Ironfisted type DESPOT
Italian sub layer SALAMI
Just around the corner NEAR
Leander's love HERO
Like 1 or 11 ODD
Like lingerie, often LACY
Literary estate TARA
Literary postscript EPILOG
Lodge folks ELKS
London lockup GAOL
Lose intensity WANE
LP contents? MNO
Mean grin SNEER
Monkey business ANTICS
Mouth-puckering SOUR
Mrs. Bush LAURA
Muse with a lyre ERATO
Normal marching rate, in the Army QUICKTIME
Not inadvertent MEANT
Not present, oxymoronically? CONSPICUOUSLYABSENT
Not relaxed TENSE
Old enough OFAGE
Oxymoronic drink? DRYMARTINI
Oxymoronic foul-up? MINORDISASTER
Oxymoronic getaway? WORKINGVACATION
Oxymoronic lack of support? DEAFENINGSILENCE
Oxymoronic people mover? DOWNESCALATOR
Oxymoronic place of business? OFFICEPARK
Page layout options PICAS
Pal of Dean and Frank SAMMY
Peace, to Pedro PAZ
Peace, to Putin MIR
PETA targets FURS
Phoenician city TYRE
Pooh's creator MILNE
Puccini pieces ARIAS
Ranger's domain FOREST
Red state? ANGER
Requests ASKS
Rigel, for one STAR
Ringside shout OLE
Role models IDOLS
Rustler's target STEER
Santa ___, Calif. ANA
Satin, for one FABRIC
See 116 Across ARDEN
Shake ___ ALEG
Shipshape TIDY
Slip-on garment TUNIC
Small indentation POCK
Soft and lustrous SILKY
Some scans, briefly EEGS
Sources of pride? EGOS
Stain's kin DYE
Stewart et al. JONS
Study of eggs OOLOGY
Sty cry OINK
Super serve ACE
Tabloid tidbit RUMOR
Take a break REST
Tending to leak slowly OOZY
Tennyson work, with 53 Down ENOCH
Test the fit of TRYON
The U.S. joined it in 1917 WWI
Touches an Angel TAGS
Trafficking cop NARC
Triangles, e.g. POLYGONS
Ugandan VIP, once AMIN
Ugliness exemplar TOAD
Virologist's first name JONAS
Vision-related OPTIC
Wait ___ Dark UNTIL
Walked casually SAUNTERED
War zone rumblers TANKS
Was told HEARD
Watchdog warning GRR
Web site connector LINK
Woe for Woods SANDTRAP
Word on a coin CENT
Wrote it wrong ERRED
___ with Love TOSIR
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