How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Jan 15 2006

"Could you ___ your producer and not your 'creativity strangler'?" INTRODUCEMEAS
"How did you like my film version of your novel?" "___ comes to mind." UMDESECRATION
"I'm not ___" SOSURE
"It says, 'The film depicts a ___.'" "Can't argue there; I dozed right off." MUTEDSCENARIO
"Last year he was so thin! Now it looks like he ___." CONSUMEDATIRE
"My film is called ___ because no one liked Quit Yer Stalin." COMRADESUNITE
"Okay, lady," briefly YESM
"Some studio exec wasn't happy with ___--he wanted to get in for free." AMEREDISCOUNT
"Someday I'll graduate from 'Girl in ___' to an actual speaking part." ADINERCOSTUME
"Till next time" LATER
"What's this special program called '___'?" "'Movies to steer clear of,' I'm guessing." CINEMADETOURS
"___ forget anyone ..." LESTI
"___ the ramparts ..." OER
"___ upon myself ..." ITOOKIT
A crying shame SAD
Actor Gulager CLU
Actress Blyth ANN
Actress Cheryl LADD
All-knowing one ORACLE
Animal house? DEN
Anthem start OSAY
Attended unofficially SATINON
Balderdash ROT
Banana exporter ECUADOR
Be ___ (help) OFUSETO
Blood prefix HEMO
Brainbusting HARD
Building wing ELL
Bush confidante RICE
Call ___ night ITA
Catch in a sting ENTRAP
Certs rival TICTAC
Connery film CUBA
Consecrates BLESSES
Corrida cry OLE
Delayed: abbr. PPD
Did film work ACTED
Director's cry CUT
Dish list RECIPE
Enron's Fastow, for ex. CFO
Excoriated REVILED
Exodus penner URIS
Fabled napper HARE
Film critic James AGEE
Film worry COST
Filmmaking basic SOUND
Finnish Olympian Paavo NURMI
Foreshadowing OMEN
Freedom, in Swahili UHURU
Goes to Joe's? EATSOUT
Gomez portrayer ASTIN
Green shade BERYL
Grendel's slayer BEOWULF
Grisham's ___ Kill ATIMETO
Honest guy ABE
Hour after midnight ONEAM
Hour follower OCLOCK
Husky, as a voice THROATY
In demand HOT
Japanese noodle UDON
Keep getting Mad? RENEW
Keep in custody DETAIN
Kilt people SCOTS
Laughs loudly ROARS
Like Stan and Ollie PALS
Little one TOT
Long Island town SYOSSET
Longi ending TUDE
Loses moisture DRIES
Losing proposition? DIET
Major nuisance PAIN
Marlon director ELIA
Math class, briefly CALC
Medicinal plants ALOES
Metal refinery SMELTER
Mideast grp. PLO
Noisy transit ELS
Noted pair? REMI
Oar pin THOLE
Old enough OFAGE
Old oil co. ESSO
On all ___ FOURS
Onassis, briefly ARI
PBS funder NEA
Pen denizen BOAR
People often sing in it UNISON
Perform an operation? ADD
Piece-ful game CHESS
Pipsqueak SHRIMP
Plaza Hotel imp ELOISE
Pour it on? CATSUP
Prop for Hamlet SKULL
Rabbit chaser ALICE
Religious rift SCHISM
Retired fliers SSTS
Richard ___ III
Same-name dads: abbr. SRS
Scoundrel CUR
Secret INNER
Serviceable UTILE
Shell out PAY
Skilled ADEPT
Slangy beliefs ISMS
Slangy guys DUDES
Slaw et al. SIDES
Sleuth Wolfe et al. NEROS
Small bay INLET
SNL alum Oteri CHERI
Snowy peak ALP
Social class CASTE
Solver's cry OHO
Some ER cases ODS
Spanish uncle TIO
Speed star REEVES
Sudoku fill: abbr. NOS
Suggest OPINE
Superman foe LUTHOR
Terre ___, Ind. HAUTE
That boat SHE
The Good ___ EARTH
Theater features SEATS
Understand GET
Verbosity WORDAGE
Wabbit chaser ELMER
Wandering NOMADIC
Was sulky MOPED
Wave's peak CREST
Wedding promise IDO
What the nine theme answers are anagrams of DOCUMENTARIES
Work with yarn KNIT
Wrestle to the ground SUBDUE
___ by (follows) ABIDES
___ happens (live) ASIT
___ Pradesh, India UTTAR
___ up to OWN
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