How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Feb 17 2008

"Boy, is it hot!" PHEW
"Clear ___!" THEAREA
"Ripped" STONED
"Roger and me"? MOORES
12 in the box JURORS
1935 Cagney classic GMEN
1980s Pontiac model FIERO
30-day period? APRIL
A Simple Plan director Sam RAIMI
Abbas's predecessor ARAFAT
Actress Joanne DRU
Actress Miles VERA
Actress Verdugo ELENA
All Things Great ___ ANDSMALL
Alphonse and Gaston's creator OPPER
Am alive EXIST
An LBJ beagle HIM
Antarctic peak EREBUS
Army helicopters APACHES
Assn. ORG
Attach a bud to a new plant ENGRAFT
Author Talese GAY
Barry Levinson film DINER
Beginning ONSET
Black Sea port ODESSA
Bowling-alley button RESET
Brutish bunch YAHOOS
Bud who hosted To Tell the Truth COLLYER
Cain's eldest ENOCH
Chihuahua choo-choo TREN
Chompers BITERS
Clarence who founded a financial weekly BARRON
Class to bone up on?: abbr. ANAT
Colorful tunneler REDANT
Comment from Svengali to his doctor? GAZEINTOMYEARS
Conductor Riccardo MUTI
Cute child MOPPET
Dangerous snakes ASPS
Dark and rich, as color DEEP
Doors classic, "The ___" END
Dustin's N.Y. hustler RATSO
Early release PAROLE
Feature TRAIT
Get one's wires crossed ERR
Gets word of HEARS
Giraffe's cousin OKAPI
Gorgeous, to a Brit DISHY
Grande et al. RIOS
Greek letter ETA
Green-lights OKS
Has a powwow SITS
Hebrew letter ALEPH
Hostess ___ Balls SNO
Idyllic settings EDENS
Jim (Carrey) role ACE
Just caught FRESH
Kate in Titanic ROSE
L-___ DOPA
Last thing you want to hear your kid say after he's gotten his first tattoo? READMYFOREHEAD
Law & Order scene TRIAL
Librarian's deg. MLS
Like mozzarella SEMISOFT
Loud, brassy sound BLARE
Male and female SEXES
Mantra CHANT
Mature role? SAMSON
Mfd. in the U.S. AMER
Minimum ___ WAGE
Mortise insert TENON
Nissan rival MAZDA
Noted diarist NIN
Of touch TACTILE
Or follower ELSE
Orange-flower oil NEROLI
Palm off FOIST
Person on a mission AGENT
Pianist Claudio ARRAU
Pilgrimage to Mecca HAJJ
Plot unit ACRE
Poisonous plants SUMACS
Possess HAVE
Pro-curing grp.? AMA
Put on the payroll HIRED
Puts to work USES
Research-funding agcy. NSF
Result of drinking too fast? RUNOFFATTHECHIN
Rocky hill TOR
Rooter starter ROTO
Ruined SHOT
SALT subj. ABM
Sardine containers TINS
Satiric cartoonist Ronald SEARLE
Scrabble one-pointer NTILE
See 52 Across AGUE
Seed coat ARIL
Sewn edges HEMS
Shivering condition CHILLS
Silent clown HARPO
Singer Adams EDIE
Sister of Calliope ERATO
Some nos. on maps RTES
Speeder spotter RADAR
Start talking about GETINTO
Statements of principles CREDOS
Stephen of The Butcher Boy REA
Submitted by mail SENTIN
Tai follower CHI
Talented Rita MORENO
Terrible time? AGETWO
They serve a rowing need OARS
Thick Japanese noodles UDON
Thumbs up YEA
Tire concern TREAD
Tom, Dick, and Harry, e.g. TRIO
Took a bad long look LEERED
Town near Stamford, Conn. DARIEN
Treasure follower TROVE
Unused, as farmland FALLOW
Voice level TONE
Was shocked GASPED
Week, in Oaxaca SEMANA
What the paramedic couple always ends up doing at dances? DANCINGMOUTHTOMOUTH
Wise, as advice SAGE
With 57 Across, a better way to describe the little guy who works the mother of all night shifts? RUDOLPHTHE
With 99 Across, lead singer of the Tess-tosterones? JEANIEWITH
Yule quaff EGGNOG
___ into (draw on) TAP
___ Lanka SRI
___ many words INSO
___ shotgun RIDE
___-coming UPAND
___-Magnon CRO
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