How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Feb 04 2007

"... boy ___ girl?" ORA
"... wouldn't ___ finger" LIFTA
"Let go, ya big ___!" LUG
"Nearer ___ to Thee" MYGOD
1944 event DDAY
1955 Stewart Granger-Jean Simmons drama FOOTSTEPSINTHEFOG
1971 Piers Anthony book (or a Cockney's trumpet) ORN
Above, in Acapulco ARRIBA
Acetyl ending ENE
Actress Christine LAHTI
Ad catchword NEW
Add hues to COLORIN
Alabama's Tigers AUBURN
Animal life FAUNA
Authorizes OKS
Bandleader Shaw ARTIE
Before, once ERE
Big gulp SWIG
Bud's buddy, on film LOU
Campus E of Hartford UCONN
Checking, for ex. ACCT
Choice: abbr. SEL
Chow catchers BIBS
Cold War broadcast: abbr. RFE
Cut ___ (dance) ARUG
Dawn goddess AURORA
Death of the party? BORE
Deserve EARN
Diving bird AUK
Dreamy happiness BLISS
Driving hindrance FOGGEDUPWINDOW
Duck in for a bite EAT
Excited AGOG
Fab Four member LENNON
Father-son actors Robert and Alan ALDAS
File anew, as a complaint RELODGE
Fist fight SETTO
Freedom Marcher's monogram MLK
Ft. above sea level ELEV
Gardener's bagful SEED
German article DER
Granatelli canful STP
Grind needs? AXES
Hannibal's hurdles ALPS
Hell's finale ION
Henery Hawk's target, in cartoons FOGHORNLEGHORN
Herman Wouk's The Winds ___ OFWAR
Hiram of Hawaii FONG
Holy city? TOLEDO
Horseshoe-toss result LEANER
Ill-kept room STY
Impressive dress GOWN
In need of coffee, maybe FOGGYUPSTAIRS
In the style of ALA
Invoice verb PAY
John of Creedence Clearwater Revival FOGERTY
Journey parts LEGS
Loretta Young's real name GRETCHEN
Love god EROS
M.B.A., for ex. DEG
Mel Torme, "the ___" VELVETFOG
Mishmash OLIO
Most-watched PBS station in the U.S. WNET
Much-told joke OLDONE
Name in Random House lore CERF
Napoleon's Man from U.N.C.L.E. pal, ___ Kuryakin ILLYA
Nick's wife NORA
Noted violinmaker AMATI
Nth degree MAX
Ohio city, to Amtrak CIN
Old Austrian coins KRONEN
Old sofa's problem SAG
Old spy plane UTWO
Old word meaning "counsel" REDE
Otto I's realm: Abbr. HRE
Our, in Tours NOTRE
Over-50 org. AARP
Ozarkian percussion TUB
Party cheese BRIE
Pays a visit to CALLSON
Planet, e.g. ORB
Plays the piccolo TOOTLES
Points on a diamond? RUNS
Poke fun at TAUNT
Polite assent YESSIR
Pose a query to ASK
Prepare presents WRAP
President's nickname ABE
Pull on TUGAT
PX patron, perhaps NCO
QB Flutie DOUG
QB's throw, successful or not: abbr. ATT
Race starter's aid GUN
Really must be going HASTORUN
Relatives of dunkings DIPPINGS
Robot play RUR
Rodent-spotter's cry EEK
Rooster, at times CROWER
Safari sights GNUS
Search (out) FERRET
Secret motive ANGLE
See 73 Across IONE
Seek a Judy judgment SUE
Shady lawyer PETTIFOGGER
Sharon's cop-show co-star TYNE
Sign of authority BADGE
Slightly AWEEBIT
Spill the beans TELL
Stickball setting LOT
Strands in the lab DNA
Subway of song ATRAIN
Sweden's Palme OLOF
Sword, in Seville ESPADA
Testing the fit of TRYINGON
Tetra minus one TRI
That galoot's HIS
The elder Dumas PERE
The Trial author KAFKA
They may have sunny sides: abbr. STS
Try to get the attention of, perhaps YELLTO
Vegas game KENO
Verily YEA
Verne character PHILEASFOGG
Walking ___ (elated) ONAIR
Wall St. initials NYSE
Watch this TVSET
Whip out your gun DRAW
With 8 Down, pop singer Donovan's actress daughter SKYE
With 82 Down, banjo classic heard in Bonnie and Clyde FOGGYMOUNTAIN
Woebegone SAD
Wonka's creator DAHL
Wordsworth works POETRY
Zoic preceder PALEO
___ even keel ONAN
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