How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Dec 02 2007

"Come back later" IMBUSY
"Oy" follower VEY
"Peace on Earth," e.g. WISH
"Who am ___ argue?" ITO
"Yes, We ___ Bananas" HAVENO
"___ and Away" UPUP
"___ questions?" ANY
"___ the aisle" TWOON
"___-voom!" VAVA
38 Across, in London SHE
A Disney Dwarf SLEEPY
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Actor McGregor EWAN
Actor Sharif OMAR
Actresses Merkel and O'Connor UNAS
Alaskan port NOME
All-in-one Apple IMAC
Altar words IDO
Ariz. neighbor NEV
Artist Magritte RENE
Autocrat DESPOT
Bank offering LOAN
Being kept chilled ONICE
Big wind GALE
Bill's Janet RENO
Bird prefix AVI
Bookie's quote ODDS
Bottle or can gadgets OPENERS
Bounder CAD
Break off from the band GOSOLO
Brings formally, as into a club INDUCTS
Cable for cash PAYTV
Cantata composer BACH
Cattle call? MOO
Cher's last name, once BONO
Chow down EAT
Collar stiffener STARCH
Comic Margaret CHO
Commotion ADO
Corned-beef concoction HASH
Crooked BENT
Deadly viper ASP
Dentist's creation INLAY
Dizzy's jazz style BOP
Do legislative work WRITELAWS
Dorothy's dog TOTO
Draft status ONEA
Early video game PONG
East Asian weight unit TAEL
Edward abdicated for her WALLIS
Eggy dessert FLAN
Elvis film, ___ Vegas VIVALAS
Extinct bird DODO
False alarm SCARE
Fool ASS
Frank, Moon Unit, or Dweezil ZAPPA
French noodle? TETE
Gigantic EPIC
Golfer Sam SNEAD
Heidi's heights ALPS
Highest in salt, perhaps BRINIEST
Humane Soc. ally SPCA
I, to Freud ICH
Insect stages PUPAS
It grows on trees MOSS
Italian code of silence (anagram of TO REAM) OMERTA
Jacob's first wife LEAH
Joel's instrument PIANO
Johnson of Laugh-In ARTE
Killer whales ORCAS
Knight's weapon LANCE
Letting-off-with-a-warning words YOUCANGO
Liable APT
Lilliputian WEE
Loesser's The Most Happy ___ FELLA
Lose traction SKID
Love Story co-star ONEAL
Male escorts like Gere in a 1980 film GIGOLOS
My Cousin Vinny co-star TOMEI
Nearsighted Russian cab driver? MISCHATURNOV
Neither follower NOR
Never-ending story SOAPOPERA
News agcy. since '58 UPI
Nickname for Tritt or McGee TRAV
Not hot COLD
Not-so-sharp Russian sharpshooter? BOYERWAYOV
Oils, busts, etc. ART
One who yearns PINER
Outspoken VOCAL
Panoramas VISTAS
Place for a bath TUB
Player at Jacobs Field INDIAN
Pound sound YELP
Prefix with physics META
Prepare for sumo? FATTENUP
Prison weapon SHIV
Pub orders ALES
Rock's Giant co-star LIZ
Rope fiber (anagram of SAILS) SISAL
Rough shelter LEANTO
Rural hotel INN
Russian consumer advocate? SACHARIPOV
Russian cosmetologist who does full body waxing? OLIVERHAIROV
Russian customs agent? ANITACHECKEMOVA
Russian dancer at Chippendale's? EURIPIDESPANTZOV
Russian dominatrix? AMANDAWALKALLOVA
Russian high jumper? EILEENUPANOVA
Russian ice fisherman? FRASIERBUNZOV
Russian marathoner? GLADYSALMOSTOVA
Sack material BURLAP
Scoop holder CONE
Slot machine lever ARM
Smile, e.g. REACT
Social worker? ANT
Spanish 101 verb ESTA
Split like goats' hooves CLOVEN
SSE, for one DIR
Tara family name OHARA
That lady, in Lisbon ELA
Throat threat STREP
Tri or i follower POD
Trooper automaker ISUZU
Uno + due TRE
Wedding outfits GOWNS
West Wing worker AIDE
Where do you get off? STOP
Where enfants learn ECOLE
Whiskey's Walker HIRAM
Whoop it up REVEL
Woody Allen film about a "human chameleon" ZELIG
Work as a model POSE
Youngster KID
___ "Fatty" Arbuckle ROSCOE
___ cab HAILA
___ crib (cheated) USEDA
___'s Ice Cream EDY
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