How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Aug 30 2009

"A Walk on the Wild Side" author Nelson ALGREN
"Got ___ named Daisy ..." (Little Richard lyric) AGAL
"Honor Thy Father" author TALESE
"I could ___ horse" EATA
"I wouldn't be ___" SOSURE
"I ___ differ" BEGTO
"My car," for "Camry," e.g.: abbr. ANAG
"Shoo!" SCAT
"That's ___ owe you" ONEI
"___, get on with it" YESYES
1950s wrestler GORGEOUSGEORGE
1966 Herman's Hermits hit, "___ Avoid" AMUSTTO
23 Across function SINE
A Musketeer ARAMIS
Accuser, perhaps ALLEGER
Actor Carroll LEOG
Adams and Tan AMYS
Animal rights org. PETA
Arizona river GILA
Artist Frida's artist husband DIEGO
Barber's cut SNIP
Being amazed, in a way GAZINGGOGGLEEYED
Big bird EMU
Big name in Argentina PERON
Boffo or blotto, e.g. SLANG
Car installation STEREO
Carefree, in Calais GAI
Castaway creations RAFTS
Catherine's place ARAGON
Checkup frequency, perhaps YEARLY
Choral works MOTETS
Clark's "Mogambo" co-star AVA
College major ART
Consolidate UNIFY
Constellation that means "eagle" AQUILA
Contest RACE
Coverage co. HMO
Crude container BARREL
Dessert choice MOUSSE
Destroy RUIN
Destroy cells with antibodies LYSE
Doesn't give ___ AHANG
Donated GAVE
Drool inducer for Homer DONUT
Eaglets' homes AERIES
Eng., Fr., or Ger., e.g. LANG
Every which way HUGGERMUGGER
Festive event GALA
First European navigator to visit India DAGAMA
Flip for (with "over") GOGAGA
Funny Robert KLEIN
Gauchos may cross them RIOS
Get back REGAIN
Gets away from ELUDES
Golden-___ (seniors) AGERS
Guzzling sounds GLUGGLUGGLUG
Hair-spray brand AQUANET
Honking assemblage AGAGGLEOFGEESE
Huffs and puffs PANTS
Impact sound BAM
Individuals ONES
It's got your house surrounded YARD
Jack of Westerns ELAM
Keillor's gumshoe Noir GUY
King Kong summoner GONG
Knight and dame, e.g. TITLES
Lab medium AGAR
Lapis ___ LAZULI
Latvia's capital RIGA
Like mountain climbers RUGGED
Like some energy SOLAR
Like the valley in "Down in the Valley" SOLOW
Long time EON
Loretta's portrayer SISSY
Manchurian border river AMUR
Math branch TRIG
Meal source? OAT
Medicinal juice or gel ALOE
Melancholy composition ELEGY
Minimum ability ADEQUACY
Moon man's first name NEIL
Mormon letters LDS
Mr. Lilly ELI
Mr. Rubik ERNO
Night predators OWLS
Noisy argument ROW
Oenophile's love WINE
On an errand, e.g. OUT
One of Santa's followers? ANA
One side in NFL negotiations OWNERS
Opining a la Dennis Miller ONARANT
Pal of Masterson EARP
Pleased looks GRINS
Prize for Reba: abbr. CMA
Pts. of a line SEGS
Puzo's Tessio SAL
Recovered from GOTOVER
Regrettably ALAS
Rest room sign MEN
Savonarola's first name GIROLAMO
Semi-serious "I see" AHSO
Shake (one's finger) at WAGGLE
Slangy safecracker YEGG
Slow movement ADAGIO
Small stream RILL
Smith's chore SHOEING
Snappish barks YAPS
Snoop PRY
Soft drink order LARGE
Some dresses ALINES
Song of praise HYMN
Straight tracks for footraces STADES
Suffering from a long fight or a long flight, perhaps FEELINGGROGGY
Symbolic Bible nations GOGANDMAGOG
Teachers' org. NEA
Tee-hee sources GIGGLINGGIRLS
The other Will who was New York Times crossword editor WENG
Throw cushioner MITT
Two-word airline ELAL
Unaccustomed to NEWAT
Uncle pointing at you SAM
USN bumper sticker GONAVY
Van Gogh masterpiece IRISES
Warren Beatty film REDS
Webzine EMAG
Where Hamadan is IRAN
Words said while fighting over food LEGGOMYEGGO
Worked up a sweat TOILED
Xanadu name KHAN
York and others: abbr. SGTS
Young pigeons SQUABS
___ angle ATAN
___-ho GUNG
___-tung MAOTSE
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