How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Aug 13 2006

"Copy that" ROGER
"For Me and ___" MYGAL
"Let ___!" MEGO
"Mazel ___!" TOV
"___ excellent driver" (Rain Man) IMAN
"___ misty ..." IGET
"___, won't you?" (query from old commercials for The Jetsons) PLANET
1993 Tom Stoppard play ARCADIA
A Wynn in Vegas STEVE
Actor McShane IAN
Actor Vigoda ABE
Additional EXTRA
Adoption agcy.? SPCA
Agitated INASTEW
Almost here NEAR
Alt. spelling VAR
April, May, and June, for example NAMES
Arthur of "primal scream" fame JANOV
Ballad ending EER
Ballyhoo HYPE
Baseball surname ALOU
Bear, to Juanita OSO
Beginning ONSET
Beset by personal demons TORTURED
Between halfway-visible and full, as the moon (anagram of BUGS' BIO) GIBBOUS
Bireme gear OARS
Birth-related NATAL
Blind alley CULDESAC
Botch a catch ERR
Breathing: abbr. RESP
Capital on the Nile CAIRO
Cartoon cat TOM
CD precursors LPS
Century pts. YRS
Charon's vessel FERRY
Chevalier classic MIMI
Chilling ONICE
Choice word EITHER
Coffee-to-go need LID
Common contraction? SPASM
Crafty SLY
Curry of Today ANN
Day-care charge TOT
Diplomacy TACT
Dove sound COO
Eight, to Hans ACHT
EMT skill CPR
European blackbird MERL
Event at which Reba might sing: abbr. CMA
Figurative try STAB
French article LES
Fruity quaff ADE
Gab session CHAT
Gabor and Perón EVAS
Gershwin and Levin IRAS
Hairy cousin on a popular "ooky" sitcom ITT
Having too many kids? OVERBEARING
High school class GYM
Highchair feature TRAY
Hole number? EIGHTEEN
Hole-___ INONE
Home, tweet home? AVIARY
Import-export differential TRADEGAP
Impulsive RASH
In a melodic sense TONALLY
It's on the st. where you live RES
Jason's ship ARGO
Kauai keepsake LEI
Kin of "Hallelujah!" PRAISEBE
Layer of paint COAT
Limited number of FEW
Literary category GENRE
Luxuriance LUSHNESS
Majestic REGAL
Mil. or mus. abbr. MAJ
Moist extension URE
Mom-and-pop helper: abbr. SBA
Mortals, to Puck FOOLS
Movie opening? CINE
Mr. Stevenson ADLAI
Navigation need MAP
Naysaying types NEGATERS
No later than TIL
Old notation for a certain chess capture BXP
One with a small income? MINIMUMWAGER
Only episode of Leave It To Beaver that was never aired? PSYCHOWARD
Oscar-winner McDormand FRANCES
Pa. port city, to Amtrak ERI
Pacing oneself between drinks? TIMINGBELTS
Pal-appointing, for example CRONYISM
Par for the ___ COURSE
Paris suburb ISSY
Part of a U.S. capital DES
Place for hula lessons? WIGGLEROOM
Police rank: Abbr. DET
Precisely TOAT
Predicament SPOT
Prime-time time NINEPM
Queen mother, e.g. DOWAGER
Red carpet interviewees STARS
Regret RUE
Result of backing into a cactus? STICKERSHOCK
Scarlet bird TANAGER
Schoolbooks TEXTS
Scratch MAR
Searches (through) SIFTS
Second attempts at using stickum REPASTES
Second City co-founder Alan ARKIN
See 67 Across SENSATION
Several Norwegian kings OLAVS
Soap actress Hall DEIDRE
Social customs MORES
Sot's ailment DTS
Speed abbr. MPH
Starting ASOF
Stephen of V for Vendetta REA
Tag-playing cry NOTIT
The big 4-0, for example AGE
The butler on The Nanny NILES
This, to Jacques CECI
Tkt. office location STA
Top guns ACES
Track circuit LAP
Trombone part SLIDE
Trumpet great ALHIRT
Unbar, to a bard OPE
Wall St. buys: abbr. STKS
Weight HEFT
Western comic strip, Rick ___ OSHAY
What long concerts may do? EXHAUSTFANS
What the word "cycloptic" has? ONEI
When Hamlet says "To be, or not to be" ACTIII
Where you might see a lot of dribbling ARENA
Whether ___ ORNOT
With 21 Across, what you hear at a kibbutz at the end of the day? ACOLLECTIVE
With 70 Across, heartburn? OVERNIGHT
Wurst at their worst? SPOILEDBRATS
WWII turning point DDAY
You might give him the business SON
___ acids AMINO
___-mo SLO
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