How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Apr 08 2007

"Sad to say" ALAS
"The ___ upon us" HOURIS
"___ official" ITS
A wrap on the head TURBAN
African adventure SAFARI
Aikido kin JUDO
Ain't right? ISNT
Airline that Howard Hughes bought in '39 TWA
Aluminum siding: slang TIN
Amount (to) ADDUP
Appliance brand AMANA
Article de français LES
Backdoor illumination REARLIGHT
Because, in Latin SED
Bit of hair TRESS
Bjorn contemporary ILIE
Bouillon brand STEERO
Brian of rock ENO
British gun STEN
Building support IBEAM
Bungee jump, e.g. STUNT
Burns, in a way SCALDS
Call at home? SAFE
Car-jumper's first name EVEL
Carmine RED
Changes color DYES
Chef's hat TOQUE
Cigar brand ROITAN
Clock-change inits. EDT
Coarse RAW
Coll. football day, usually SAT
Cologne conjunction UND
Column's end? IST
Come this way?: abbr. SSE
Comics-page scream EEK
Cookers POTS
Copier need TONER
Dispenser candy PEZ
Disregard IGNORE
Doesn't resist OBEYS
Ex-Secretary General ANNAN
Excessive UNDUE
Extra-pt. preludes TDS
Extreme one ZEALOT
Eye-part prefix IRIDO
Finished OVER
Fish features FINS
Flat on the mat DOWN
Fly over Rwanda? TSETSE
Had the haddock DINED
Harm's way PERIL
Hertz rival ALAMO
High point in a soprano's career? TRILLOFALIFETIME
Illuminated LITUP
Industrial container VAT
Infamous virus EBOLA
Japanese dog AKITA
Jethro Tull's Anderson IAN
JFK University city ORINDA
Jug chug SWIG
Kitchen meas. TSP
Late arrival STRAGGLER
Lease anew RERENT
Leo's locks MANE
Level TIER
Literary inits. GBS
Little drink NIP
Lucas lord VADER
Mom's month MAY
More pallid ASHIER
Morgue, for one RUE
Most disagreeable SOUREST
Most prying NOSIEST
Move carefully EASE
Much-tested one JOB
Mysore instrument SITAR
Narial assault AROMA
Not reached, as goals UNMET
Nureyev documentary, I ___ Dancer AMA
Of the kidneys RENAL
On everyone's A-list HOT
One-legged captain AHAB
Oven entree ROAST
Pampering, familiarly TLC
Paparazzi target STAR
Part of the tab TAX
Part: Abbr. SEG
Passes slowly and oppressively WEARSON
Perrier rival EVIAN
Pocahontas's hubby ROLFE
Poodle's name FIFI
Pretty much all you need to blow out a tire? ANEEDLEANDTREAD
Private home? BASE
Reactor isotope DEUTERIUM
Reactor monitor: abbr. NRC
River bus FERRY
Rock tour info DATES
Schwarz of toy fame FAO
Set a ___ (use bait to catch) TRAPFOR
Ship's flag ENSIGN
Shocked cries GASPS
Shower installation TILE
Singer seen in crosswords YMA
Slogan of Cape Canaveral Bank? AMILLIONPOUNDSOFTRUST
Small soldier ANT
Smidge TAD
Snow toys SLEDS
Soft-shell treat TACO
Some cookies SNAPS
Something for the poor ALMS
South American capital QUITO
South side? ERN
Sportscaster Collinsworth CRIS
Stroke of luck FLUKE
Sub detector SONAR
Suffragist Carrie CATT
Syrup brand KARO
Take on, as a job TACKLE
Talks out of DISSUADES
Tanning letters UVA
Together ASONE
Toothpaste ingredients WHITENERS
Toscanini et al. ARTUROS
Ultimate FINAL
University town near Santa Ana IRVINE
Utopias EDENS
Webfooted weasel, sort of OTTER
Wedding UNION
What one dream said to the other dream? LOOKOUTWERECOMINGTRUE
What the professor of methodology did? TAUGHTPROCESSES
What's on your mind IDEA
Why standing under a falling oak is a bad idea? TREESTRIKESYOUREOUT
Work hard enough EXERT
Worked hard TOILED
Works on a wall? ART
Yucky guck SLIME
___ Bulba TARAS
___ cry AFAR
___ parking VALET
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