How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 30 2001

'All I Ever Need ___' (Sonny & Cher hit) ISYOU
'Cut it out!' CEASE
'It's déjà vu all over again' speaker BERRA
'___ Man' (1984 movie) REPO
'___ the steamer bore him Eastward ...': Kipling ERE
1914 Belgian battle line YSER
70's British P.M. Heath TED
A gem of a lady? OPAL
A goner TOAST
Abrasive EMERY
Actor Alain DELON
Actor who debuted in 'The Men,' 1950 BRANDO
Addis ___ ABABA
Alias preceder AKA
Antiquated ballpark? DOOMEDSTADIUM
Appearing live INPERSON
Apply for ___ (seek assistance) ALOAN
Auto option ALARM
Auto plant employee? HOODCARRIER
Average SOSO
Band of geishas OBI
Be dependent HANG
Bit of a merry refrain TRALA
Blubber BAWL
Book before Esther: Abbr. NEH
Boroughs AREAS
Brouhaha ADO
Certain band member OBOE
Cheese ___ STEAK
Clinches ICES
Constellation next to Telescopium ARA
Continues a visit STAYSON
Done to ___ ATEE
Drink before bed? DECAF
E. C. Bentley detective TRENT
Eight-time Sugar Bowl champs BAMA
Elaine ___ ('Taxi' role) NARDO
Explorer John and others RAES
Florist's concern? ADROOPINTHEBUCKET
Four gills PINT
Free (from) IMMUNE
Funnies printed on packing materials? CARDBOARDCARTOONS
Good name, for short REP
Hannah of 'Roxanne' DARYL
Have a change of heart REPENT
Hic, ___, hoc HAEC
High in the Andes ALTO
Impress firmly ETCH
Inits. for some pilots USAF
Intimidates DAUNTS
It doesn't take much TREY
It may be hard to carry TUNE
It may be on a house LIEN
Kick out DEPORT
Kind of infection STAPH
Lack of any desire for lunch? NONOONSENSE
Last: Abbr. ULT
Libreville's land GABON
Like some opportunities GOLDEN
Like some punch LACED
Loathsome TERRIBLE
London's ___ Square SOHO
Magician Jillette PENN
Meas. of computer scans DPI
Modern rest stop convenience, for short ATM
Mold source SPORE
Neighbor of Ger. POL
Nero's tutor SENECA
Neuters GELDS
Nocturnal hunter ORION
Nymph in Greek myth OREAD
One who's revolting REBEL
One-on-one sport EPEE
Opens again RESTARTS
Orsk's river URAL
Paul Bunyan's dog ELMER
Period preceding an expiration date? THETWILIGHTOFTHEGOODS
Pitcher Reynolds who was called 'The Chief' ALLIE
Place for dinero BANCO
Port east of Gibraltar ORAN
Preferences LIKES
Prize seeker ENTRANT
Provoke IRE
Put the squeeze on COERCED
Quash END
Rainy WET
Reason for a reduced grade ERROR
Regarding ANENT
Reporting to UNDER
Retreat SPA
Reunion group CLAN
Revival producer: Abbr. CPR
Roofer, at times NAILER
Ruination BANE
Shade of brown ALMOND
Sight in China PADDY
Slip away ERODE
Slot car RACER
Snare set by Fudd? BUNNYHOOP
Snowe or Breaux: Abbr. SEN
Some Web site features ADS
Son of Daedalus ICARUS
Sound HALE
Speech pauses HEMS
Spring arrival ARIES
Sprung LEAPT
Stale stand-up material? HOOTLINES
Starter starter NON
Storage place SILO
Suffix with margin ALIA
Symbol of conductivity SIGMA
Synopsis BRIEF
Television SET
Theater snack item MINT
This answer's place: Abbr. CTR
Time worth noting ERA
Treats vengefully SPITES
TV actor Denver PYLE
Unrainy ARID
Water conduits MAINS
Weather warmer ELNINO
What's that, Jaime? ESA
Wimbledon winner Bueno and others MARIAS
Word before reason or reach WITHIN
Yellow-brown TAWNY
Young fox KIT
[Just kidding!] WINK
___ Arizona USS
___ favor POR
___ terrier CAIRN
___-free SCOT
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