How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 29 2009

'But of course!' OHYES
'Evil Woman' band, for short ELO
'Just kidding!' NOT
'That feels so-o-o good!' AAH
'That is completely the wrong way!' NONONO
'___ and ye shall receive' ASK
'___ first you don't succeed ...' IFAT
*Dangerously unpredictable sort LOOSECANNON
*Inviolable, as rules HARDANDFAST
*Likely to happen INTHEOFFING
Abbr. on an input jack MIC
Add fuel to, as a fire STOKE
Ain't right? ARENT
Animation frame CEL
Any Beatles tune, now OLDIE
Bide-___ AWEE
Big chipmaker INTEL
Bill of fashion BLASS
Blood line VEIN
Bottom of a 40-Down LOBE
Bygone muscle car GTO
Christmas carols NOELS
Clued in AWARE
Clueless ... or where the answers to this puzzle's starred clues were all first used ATSEA
Collette of 'The Sixth Sense' TONI
Coming-clean declaration ILIED
Commercial prefix meaning 'low price' ECONO
Conquistador's quest ORO
Cost-of-living stat. CPI
Cousin of a foil SABER
E.R. hookups IVS
Entrance to a bay INLET
Even-tempered PLACID
First month in Mexico ENERO
Fishing line holder REEL
Get around ELUDE
Harold who directed 'Groundhog Day' RAMIS
Harvest REAP
Healthful claim on labels LESSFAT
Insurgent group REBELARMY
Irish Rose's beau ABIE
It may be cocked or cupped EAR
Joint: Prefix ARTHRO
Last choice on a questionnaire OTHER
Luggage inspection org. TSA
Marketers' 'language' ADSPEAK
May and June, but not July NAMES
Monk's title FRA
Morning hrs. AMS
Moth-repellent closet material CEDAR
Nasty habit VICE
Nay sayers ANTIS
Noon, on a sundial XII
Old 'Up, up and away' carrier TWA
One of five different ones in 'sequoia' VOWEL
Osprey's claw TALON
Photographer Leibovitz ANNIE
Prefix with center or cycle EPI
Private eye's project CASE
Roster at the Oscars STARS
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, e.g. DUO
Scene from a summit VISTA
Set the pace LED
Show the ropes TEACH
Silverstein of children's literature SHEL
Sleuth, slangily TEC
Summation symbol SIGMA
Take a breath INHALE
They're on your side ALLIES
Three-stripers: Abbr. SGTS
Triumphant cries TADAS
Visit with SEE
War aid program passed by Congress in 1941 LENDLEASE
___ Boys' Choir VIENNA
___ Krabappel of 'The Simpsons' EDNA
___-Seltzer ALKA
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