How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 29 2002

'South Pacific' director Joshua LOGAN
1914 battle site YSER
A belt at the bar SNORT
A bug in one's ear? OTITIS
A few grains DRAM
Abstained DIDNT
Actor Robert of 'The Sopranos' ILER
Agcy. created after the Manhattan Project AEC
Arab head of state EMEER
Attendance lists ROLLS
Audubon Society member BIRDER
Author Adler RENATA
Author Auel JEAN
Author Balzac HONORE
Author Jorge ___ Borges LUIS
Author Oz AMOS
Baked alternative MASHED
Balloon or dirigible AEROSTAT
Bashar of Syria ASSAD
Bellow in the library SAUL
Big publisher of romance novels AVON
Blather GAS
Book of the Bible in which the word 'God' never appears ESTHER
Brief moment in time: Abbr. MSEC
Byrnes who wrote ''Kookie' No More' EDD
Cajun cookbook author Prudhomme ENOLA
Center of government SEAT
Certain game ending MATE
Cheers and others BARS
Chess champion Mikhail TAL
City with a Penn State campus ALTOONA
Classical opening? NEO
Come again RECUR
Coming down with something, maybe ACHY
Did the same as APED
Do banker's work LEND
Double ___ DARE
Drummer with Benny Goodman KRUPA
Emulate Mrs. Mitty NAG
Entertained, in a way WINED
Fawner TOADY
Filter cleaner POOLMAN
Finish a sentence DOTIME
Gardener's tool EDGER
Gaza group HAMAS
Give bad marks DEFACE
Good buddy CBER
Greek peak OSSA
Haley best seller ROOTS
Hillbilly's rejection NAW
Hot spot OVEN
How some payments are made INCASH
Immature amphibians EFTS
Indian mecca AGRA
Israel's Bank ___ LEUMI
It can be military, commercial, or general AVIATION
It's better, in a phrase SOONER
It's not on the main 83-Across ASIDE
It's shed TEAR
Just misses, as a hole RIMS
Kind of message ERROR
Koch memoir MAYOR
Lady Chatterley's Lover OLIVERMELLORS
Lago contents AGUA
Last words of an Ali boast ABEE
Latch ___ ONTO
Lead-in for nose or hair BYA
Like many stocks: Abbr. OTC
Like open-ended tests UNTIMED
Likes literature READS
Lilting refrain TRALA
Literary collection ANA
Long time follower NOSEE
Ltr. insert ENC
Many a title starter THE
Mar. honoree STPAT
Marathoner's need STAMINA
Mario Puzo wrote about them DONS
Material in sheets MICA
Mead interviewee SAMOAN
Melville tale OMOO
Modern library selection EBOOK
Morlock's foe in 'The Time Machine' ELOI
Nicholas Gage book ELENI
Nicolas who directed 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' ROEG
Nobel Prize subj. ECON
Part of 1/2 SLASH
Poll ending STER
Popular women's magazine SELF
Pres. Clinton negotiated it NAFTA
Pull (in) REIN
Pump preserver SHOETREE
Punkie GNAT
Queen of scat ELLA
River through Zaragoza EBRO
Rocker Lewis JERRYLEE
Severe HARSH
Simple songs DITTIES
Some fraternity men NUS
Something to talk about TOPIC
Source of some cures SALT
Still-life piece EWER
Superman foe LUTHOR
The French Lieutenant's Woman SARAHWOODRUFF
The Man With the Golden Gun SCARAMANGA
The Natural ROYHOBBS
The Prince of Tides TOMWINGO
The Spy Who Came In From the Cold ALECLEAMAS
The Vicar of Wakefield CHARLESPRIMROSE
Ticklish one ELMO
Topers SOAKS
Touch up, at the salon RECOLOR
Tour grp. PGA
Turn away AVERT
TV newswoman Elizabeth VARGAS
Ulan ___ BATOR
Uncompromising HARDCORE
Very dry BRUT
Visitor DROPIN
Wade's adversary ROE
Waikiki welcome ALOHA
Went under DOVE
What doctors are sworn not to do HARM
Where to get littlenecks CLAMBAR
Wife of Paris, in myth OENONE
Wistful word ALAS
Zoo favorite HIPPO
___ acid (C6H3N3O7) PICRIC
___ chat (ballet move) PASDE
___ Grant (college scholarship) PELL
___ out a living EKE
___ President MADAM
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