How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 29 2001

'Anti-Dühring' author ENGELS
'Come again?' WHATSAY
'How to Handle a Woman' lyricist LERNER
'I'm With Stupid' shirt feature ARROW
'Superman' villainess URSA
'The Emperor Jones' star, 1933 ROBESON
'___ With the Falcon' (George Sanders film) ADATE
1974 thriller about a murderous baby ITSALIVE
All finished INTHECAN
Apt to break down ANALYTIC
Astronomical difference EPACT
Atkins diet no-no SUGARS
Bawls out SHOUTSAT
Bendable part KNEE
Bêtes noires HATES
Bracket type ELL
Bristles SEESRED
Calves, e.g. YOUNG
Change in Chile PESOS
Cheaper ONSALE
Colony NEST
Comment after an accident IMOK
Compensation AMENDS
Constellation in the Milky Way NORMA
Cousin of a clog SABOT
Director Lee ANG
Early 6th-century date DIII
Eastern way TAO
English poet Dowson ERNEST
Feels (for) ACHES
His cross is on the Union Jack STGEORGE
Industrious group DOERS
It helps pinpoint a point ORDINATE
It involves designated drivers CARPOOL
Johnny in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame OTIS
Like some communities GATED
Like some lawsuits SETTLED
Like some ports AGED
Maine's ___ Bay CASCO
Mass. setting EDT
Minesweeper of literature CAINE
Moves to a warmer place, perhaps SOUTHS
Noted blind mathematician EULER
One may be drying out SOT
Oscar designer Gibbons CEDRIC
Overly zealous MANIACAL
Part of it belongs to the U.S. SAMOA
Platter part SIDEB
Position locater CURSOR
Practically ASGOODAS
Problem in grade school SUM
Quite the success ASMASH
Relative of -let ULE
Right of passage EASEMENT
Rolling game BOCCE
See 65-Across PLATES
Some abstract art STABILES
Some black metalware TOLE
Some stanzas SESTETS
Spain is in it: Abbr. EEC
Tangle (with), in the country RASSLE
The key of E major has one CSHARP
They're heard at Heathrow TATAS
Thin cartoon woman OYL
Tiberius's mother LIVIA
Unpleasant spot HELLHOLE
With 4-Down, some armor STEEL
Worker in a garden BEE
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