How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 26 1999

'An Individual Not Taken' by Robert Frost ONEFORTHEROAD
'Aspiration Man' by Gore Vidal HOPEFORTHEBEST
'Dear John' letter writer JILTER
'Exodus' hero ARI
'From where ___...' ISIT
'Goose Feathers of Monte Cristo' by Alexandre Dumas DOWNFORTHECOUNT
'If He Walked Into My Life' musical MAME
'Liberate My Sons' by Arthur Miller FREEFORALL
'Much Ado About Virtue' by William Shakespeare GOODFORNOTHING
'Oh, uh-huh' ISEE
'Oklahoma!' girl ADOANNIE
'Tardy at Eight' by George S. Kaufman LATEFORDINNER
'The Leap Luck Club' by Amy Tan JUMPFORJOY
'The Pekoe Towers' by J. R. R. Tolkien TEAFORTWO
'The Second Gratitude' by Walker Percy THANKSFORCOMING
'___ a roll!' IMON
'___ santé' AVOTRE
'___ well' ALLIS
26 for Fe: Abbr. ATNO
About ASTO
Acapulco gold ORO
Accounting acronym LIFO
Actress Archer ANNE
Amoeba feature ONECELL
B.O. sign SRO
Bankers' errors BADLOANS
Banking convenience ATM
Bikini, e.g. ATOLL
Bohemian ARTSY
Breathing sound RALE
Bring to tears MOVE
Budget rival ALAMO
Busby Berkeley's real last name ENOS
Call up, as reservists ACTIVATE
Carnival city RIO
Cheapskate STINTER
Chocolate treat OREO
Circus performer TAMER
Classic cars REOS
Community club ROTARY
Company TROOP
Comparable to a cucumber ASCOOL
Cook's collection RECIPES
D.D.E.'s oversight, once ETO
D.M.V. part MOTOR
Dazzling eyeful LOOKER
Edmonton skater OILER
Embarrassed RED
Emmy-winning actress Metcalf LAURIE
Erin Moran TV role JOANIE
Fairy tale start ONCE
Feline ennead LIVES
Filmdom's Mr. Chips DONAT
Finger ___ LAKES
Food processor GROCER
Frigid finish AIRE
Full of chinks RIMOSE
Geom. point CTR
Going to seed DECAYING
Grimace MOUE
Grow, in a way RAISE
Grp. making case studies? ABA
Hall-of-Famer born in Panama CAREW
Having missed the boat? ONSHORE
Having the upper hand BETTEROFF
Heartthrob's fan ADORER
Hendrix hairdo AFRO
Hit the tarmac LANDED
Holds back STEMS
Horrible one HAGAR
Hydrolysis atom ION
In working order OPERABLE
Iroquois foes ERIES
It's said with a snap of the head ACHOO
J.F.K. regulators FAA
Jamaican sectarian RASTA
King of Judea HEROD
Like some eggs POACHED
Locale for 1999 solar eclipse watchers IRAN
Loop loopers ELS
Lovey PET
Makes the calls REFS
Many a millennia AEON
Marine eagles ERNES
Mexican art MAYAN
Mickey and Huck FINNS
Milky Way maker MARS
Miss America accessory TIARA
More than zero ANY
Mudslinger DEFAMER
Munchkin GNOME
Natural tint source DYEWOOD
Neck of the woods AREA
Never, in Nürnberg NIE
Newspaper page OPED
Nine-digit no. issuer SSA
Not flashy LOWKEYED
Not live TAPED
O'Hara estate TARA
Old potentate SHAH
Old-womanish ANILE
Oldest permanent settlement in Ohio MARIETTA
Papal hat MITER
Parody SPOOF
Pay tribute to HONOR
Percentage SHARE
Plantation workers BALERS
Pointed AIMED
Pres. Clinton, to the Joint Chiefs CIC
Previous to ERE
Printers' problems INKSTAINS
Produce protection RIND
Publisher Henry HOLT
Put down ABASE
Reduces PARES
Remain unmoved SITBY
Right, in a way AVENGE
Riyadh resident ARAB
Roe source SHAD
Siam suffix ESE
Singer Neville AARON
Siouan tribesmen OTOES
Soybean paste MISO
Spanish wool MERINO
Stage piece PROP
Stay glued to STAREAT
Steve Martin's 'All ___' OFME
Stewart and Washington MARTHAS
Street performers MIMES
Suffix with ball or bass OON
System starter ECO
Tommy gun STEN
Track event RELAY
Traffic director CONE
Two-time Smythe Trophy winner ORR
Unruffled SEDATE
Urban bell site TRAM
Vietnam's ___ Ranh Bay CAM
Wallet fill ONES
Where Renata Scotto debuted LASCALA
Whoop-de-___ DOO
Wine combiner OENO
Wise guys MAGI
Woe of Genesis 12:10 FAMINE
Word before ear or horn TIN
Word of regret ALAS
___ favor POR
___ free HOME
___ Gardens KEW
___ Gatos, Calif. LOS
___ Plaines DES
___ the races OFFTO
___ tricks BAGOF
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