How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 25 2018

'Great' primate ape
'Just the facts, ___' maam
'Parks and Recreation' star amypoehler
'Selma' director DuVernay ava
'___ Lisa' mona
'___ you serious?' are
Absolutely love adore
Abusive sorts in a fraternity hazers
Always, quaintly evermore
Amanda of Nickelodeon's 'The Amanda Show' bynes
Antonym: Abbr opp
Ball belle, briefly deb
Before, to poets ere
Being pulled intow
Betray by selling out raton
Biblical patriarch-turned-sailor noah
By way of via
Casino game keno
Church recesses apses
Comics boy who says 'Reality continues to ruin my life' calvin
Coming to waking
Common picnic side dish slaw
Cool, to a jive talker hep
Corners in geometry vertexes
Courage nerve
Crowds one's seatmates, in a way ... or a hint to the circled letters manspreads
Deg. for a C.E.O mba
Donkey ass
Drama units acts
Early hrs ams
Enter by sidling edgein
Eurasian animals with antlers roedeer
Foot bones tarsals
Four-time N.B.A. champ Ginobili manu
Free drink locales openbars
Go a mile a minute zoom
Goat's call maa
Hawaii's Mauna ___ loa
Hit a four-bagger homer
Hoover competitor oreck
Joe Biden's state: Abbr del
Lead-in to girl or boy atta
Leave gobsmacked awe
Legendary N.Y.C. punk rock club cbgb
Like a steak that's 'still mooing' rare
Like bats, cats and rats mammalian
Like photos that violate one of Instagram's community guidelines nude
Magazine no iss
Mount ___, highest peak in the Rockies elbert
Muscles in sit-ups, informally abs
Native of Muscat omani
Network on the telly, with 'the' beeb
Never-before-seen new
Nighttime breathing disorder sleepapnea
Org. prominent at Cape Canaveral nasa
Panorama, e.g view
Pulitzer-winning playwright for 'Both Your Houses' maxwellanderson
Really vex eatat
Scent odor
Secondhand used
See 2-Down trains
See 36-Across over
Skedaddled vamoosed
Something 'common' that's not really so common sense
Still to be filled, as a role uncast
Tenor Ronan ___ tynan
Title for Judi Dench dame
To the point that until
Unadorned bare
Underground waste sewage
Verbally consented saidok
W.W.E. head Vince ___ mcmahon
Wet blanket? dew
With 12-Down, places where a thoughtless person 30-Down subway
With 40-Across, comment to someone who 30-Down move
___ of Good Feelings era
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