How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 25 2005

'Don't ___ dumb' ACTSO
'Easy as pie!' NOPROB
'Horton Hears ___' AWHO
'I'll do that' ALLOWME
'Lowdown' singer Boz ___ SCAGGS
'That is ___ expected' TOBE
'We Help Heal' sloganeer CURAD
1960's chess champ Mikhail TAL
1984 Patrick Swayze film, the first movie released with a PG-13 rating REDDAWN
1997 Peter Fonda role ULEE
Absolute bliss NIRVANA
Accesses the Web LOGSON
Acronymic pop group name ABBA
Actress MacDowell ANDIE
Advice to a husband seeker? DONTHAVEACALLOWMAN
Angler's basket CREEL
Annual Sunday night event, with 'the' OSCARS
Be bombastic ORATE
Beats (out) EDGES
Beehives, e.g. UPDOS
Big Ten inits. MSU
Blessing preceder ACHOO
Blow-up: Abbr. ENL
Brief strangers? ETS
Bruce who appeared in 'Suspicion' NIGEL
Can. province ONT
Capts.' inferiors LTS
Certs competitor TICTACS
Chinese philosopher Chu ___ HSI
Civil War inits. CSA
Comfy footwear MOC
Common temple name EMANUEL
Crit. condition areas ICUS
Crosswalk users, for short PEDS
Diner feature GRILL
Dines SUPS
Dislodging boats that have run aground? SHALLOWBUSINESS
Dog's owner MASTER
English distance METRE
Expensive STEEP
Fair-hiring grp. EEOC
Famed Chicago hotel DRAKE
Famous Indy 500 family UNSERS
Fellini or Godard work ARTFILM
First airline with commercial transpacific passenger flights PANAM
Flemish painter Jan van ___ EYCK
Football linemen: Abbr. RTS
Foreign flier MIG
Fr. ladies MMES
Glass component SILICA
Go (for) OPT
Go for the gold? PAN
Gobbles (up) SCARFS
Goddess of agriculture CERES
Goes back into business REOPENS
Grant and others CARYS
Half of a double-header, maybe DAYGAME
Halifax hrs. AST
Hebrew name meaning 'He is my God' ELIHU
Hélène, for one SAINTE
Hellenic vowel ETA
Historical novelist Holland CECELIA
Humanitarian Wallenberg RAOUL
Icicle feature DRIP
Imperfection WART
In high repute ADMIRED
Injured, in a way SPRAINED
Insignia EMBLEMS
It may follow a def. ETYM
Its national anthem is 'Jana Gana Mana' INDIA
Joke response LOL
Kind of skirt HULA
Kitchen item: Abbr. APPL
Lee foe MEADE
Library cataloging datum, briefly ISBN
Like an apartment with new tenants RELET
Like venison GAMY
Long stretch EON
Look toward AWAIT
Lorgnette piece LENS
Lose a lap STAND
Mark of a ruler ONEINCH
Medical worker in a billfold picture? WALLETNURSE
Melbourne-to-Brisbane dir. NNE
Mex. miss SRTA
Modern address URL
Money replaced by euros PESETAS
Neil Armstrong's middle name ALDEN
One calling at peak times? YODELER
One of the Ewings, on 'Dallas' VAL
Original Clarabell the Clown player KEESHAN
Outmoded OLD
PC 'brain' CPU
Perfume holder VIAL
Photo ID? UPI
Place of bliss EDEN
Place to work out GYMCLUB
Poetic preposition OER
Presidential monogram HST
Procrastinator's pick-up line? IMDALLYINGTOSEEYOU
QB stats TDS
R. J. Reynolds pack SALEMS
Respecting ANENT
Runs for no purpose IDLES
Rustic setting LEA
Salon worker TINTER
Selective Service System, once? AMERICASCALLUP
Shade of green PEA
Shirley who sang 'Goldfinger' BASSEY
Shows homage KNEELS
Some blades EPEES
Sound of a leak SSS
Stairstep measure RISE
Station number OCTANE
Subject to change in size, as a picture on a screen SCALABLE
Teacher's note on a test SEEME
Teamster CARTMAN
Tennis score ADIN
They make people raise their hands OATHS
TKO caller REF
Travis who sang 'Here's a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)' TRITT
Troop grp. BSA
Turn dark GETATAN
TV comic who wrote 'If Roast Beef Could Fly' LENO
VCR speed meas. IPS
Walk leisurely MOSEY
Warm wool ALPACA
WB competitor UPN
Where to store extra chandeliers? BALLROOMCLOSETS
Woman's shoe style TSTRAP
[Not again!] and [I can't!] GROANS
___ Minor URSA
___ whim ONA
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