How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 23 2010

'Die ___' (second part of the 17-Across) WALKURE
'Happy Birthday' writer, say ICER
'The Usual Suspects' setting JAIL
'Yikes!,' online OMG
'___ Mio' OSOLE
All over ANEW
Artist Paul KLEE
Artist's pad? LOFT
Attendee at a 17-Across performance OPERAGOER
Big ___ SUR
Birds with hanging nests ORIOLES
Boomers' kids GENX
Bother TODO
Bottom line SUM
Clinch, with 'up' SEW
Come next ENSUE
Composer of the 17-Across WAGNER
County next to Napa SONOMA
Decide OPT
Divining rods DOWSERS
Down ___ knee ONONE
Eat like ___ APIG
Exult CROW
Fighting COMBAT
First company to successfully manufacture bubblegum FLEER
Folds, presses and stretches KNEADS
Hebrides isle IONA
Hosp. test in a tube MRI
Hurt's 'Body Heat' co-star TURNER
In ranks AROW
Ireland's ___ Islands ARAN
Issue EMIT
It may be excused ABSENCE
It might get tips JAR
Kind of network NEURAL
Kvetch NAG
Letters between a name and a nickname AKA
Letters on a crucifix INRI
Like many a cellar DANK
Medium strength? ESP
Meet, as expectations RISETO
Met maestro James, longtime conductor of the 17-Across LEVINE
Mislead, and more LIETO
Motivation DRIVE
Mudder's fodder HAY
Musical work in four parts, with its first part opening the Met's 2010-11 season RINGCYCLE
No. after a no. EXT
Pac-Man centers ARCADES
Parcel (out) METE
Patronize a bistro, say DINEOUT
Peddle HAWK
Practice USE
Savings vehicle ROTHIRA
See 27-Across ACIDS
Singing voice in the 17-Across SOPRANO
Singing voices in the 17-Across BARITONES
Smooth and connected LEGATO
Sneaks (around) TIPTOES
Somme time ETE
Spice Girl Halliwell GERI
Strapped INNEED
Sugar DEAR
Suit material? LIBEL
Trueheart of the comics TESS
Turkey DUD
Unwanted spots ACNE
W.W. II site, briefly IWO
Went off on a tangent VEERED
What you might need after a breakdown TOW
With 6-Down, genetic carriers NUCLEIC
Yankee ___ Howard, 1963 A.L. M.V.P. ELSTON
___ Kramer, 2010 Dutch Olympic gold medalist in speed skating SVEN
___ rouge MOULIN
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