How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 21 2003

'Common Sense' writer PAINE
'For the Boys' subj. USO
'Golf for Dummies' as read by actor ___ JEREMYIRONS
'Green Eggs and Ham' as read by actor ___ KEVINBACON
'In my opinion' ASISEEIT
'On the Road' as read by actress ___ MINNIEDRIVER
'Rabbit Redux' as read by actor ____ DENNISHOPPER
'Raise the Titanic!' as read by actor ___ TOMCRUISE
'The Gangs of New York' as read by actress ___ LUCYLAWLESS
'The Joy of Cooking' author ROMBAUER
'The Light in the Forest' as read by actor ___ JAMESWOODS
'The Little Engine That Could' as read by actor ___ VINDIESEL
'Who Moved My Cheese?' as read by actor/comedian ___ RAYROMANO
1998 Best Screenplay nominee for 'Primary Colors' ELAINEMAY
Abbr. on old Asian maps SSR
Actor Alain DELON
Anticipatory times EVES
Apples, but not oranges POMES
Archaeological booty RELICS
Baseball Hall-of-Famer Slaughter ENOS
Baseball throw PEG
Biblical symbol of wickedness GOMORRAH
Bird also called a flycatcher PEWEE
Blissful ELYSIAN
Bossy remark? MOO
Bradley and Burns EDS
Break REST
Cartoon character whose debut film was 'Golddiggers of '49' PORKYPIG
Cause of some intolerance LACTOSE
Caustic chemical LYE
Charity ALMS
City once known as Batavia JAKARTA
Co. in Cannes CIE
Cold capital OSLO
Crescent-shaped section of a lens MENISCUS
Curling broom BESOM
Dangerous carnivores MANEATERS
Degs. for English or history majors BAS
Dept. of Justice employee ATTY
Dorm employees: Abbr. RAS
Easy two-pointer DUNK
Elaine's last name on 'Seinfeld' BENES
Embellishes LARDS
Equiangular ISOGONAL
Farm group HERD
Fires CANS
Follow feloniously STALK
Fortune RICHES
Fragrant oil ATTAR
Get to IRK
Getting dark DUSKY
Goggle GAPE
Golden, in France DOR
Have OWN
Have mercy on SPARE
Hearty entree STEAK
Hit the road TOUR
Hunter and Holm IANS
Insurrectionist Turner NAT
Intrinsically PERSE
It may be dominant GENE
Johnny Unitas's team COLTS
Kelly a k a Weary Willie EMMETT
Laid bets at a casino GAMED
Land in la mer ILE
Lex of 'Superman' LUTHOR
Like some retreats HASTY
Little, in Leith SMA
Loads ATON
Luxurious livers EPICURES
Main Web page HOME
Miscalculated ERRED
Model material BALSA
Musical character singing 'Some Enchanted Evening' EMILE
Nabokov heroine and others ADAS
Ne plus ultra ACME
Never satisfied GREEDY
Noggin BEAN
Norm's wife, on 'Cheers' VERA
Novelist Morrison TONI
Oklahoma county seat ENID
Old TV tubes TRIODES
One in a white hat CHEF
Persuaded WONOVER
Pipes up SPEAKS
Poke JAB
Prestigious journalism award POLK
Put an edge on HONE
Put away EAT
Putin's yeses DAS
Qualcomm Stadium player PADRE
Quarry PREY
Quick to cry EMOTIONAL
Ransack LOOT
Results of sunbathing TANLINES
Risk taker DARER
Roger of 'Nicholas Nickleby' REES
Runoff sites RAVINES
Satisfied MET
Shade of gray ASH
Silvery fish SMELT
Sister of Nephthys ISIS
Some sorority women OMEGAS
Sonnet ending EER
Starts OPENS
Stress, in a way REITERATE
Stylized U.S. flag, often LOGO
Suffix with mock ERY
Suit material SERGE
Summoned BADE
SUNY college town ONEONTA
Superficiality VENEER
Teeming ASWARM
Teutonic trio DREI
They click TAPSHOES
Thought about for a while SLEPTON
Tinker with, in a way EDIT
TV family of the 1950's RICARDOS
Uffizi artist GIOTTO
Uses a stylus ETCHES
Van Gogh painted here ARLES
Wailers' music REGGAE
What an athlete may turn PRO
What you're called at Notre Dame NOM
Whine PULE
WHO and NOW: Abbr. ORGS
Willow trees OSIERS
Winery choices REDS
With warts and all ASIS
Word from a Latin lover AMO
___ B'rith BNAI
___ Darya river AMU
___ ed. PHYS
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