How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 19 1997

'Fiddlesticks!' POOH
'Norma ___' RAE
1880 literary heroine NANA
1962 monster film MOTHRA
1981 Tony winner McKellen IAN
A.A.R.P. members SRS
Alphabet trio RST
Anonym ALIAS
Appear indecisive HAW
Beers, maybe CHASERS
Beverly Sills contemporary MARTINAARROYO.
Big name in auto supplies NAPA
Break GAP
Break in, so to speak ORIENT
Categories GENRES
Certain witticism GROANER
Comics hero since 1947 STEVECANYON
Computer language BASIC
Consider appropriate DEIGN
Cord fiber HEMP
Damfool thing BONER
Emergency boat workers BAILERS
F.B.I. sting of the late 70's ABSCAM
Fast times LENTS
Gene Krupa portrayer, 1959 SALMINEO
Goggle GAZE
Gravely ill, once AMORT
Have another picture taken RESIT
Heavenly route ARC
Helm of fiction MATT
Hit song of 1959 MTA
Indian chief RAJAH
Invoice fig. AMT
Kind of table PERIODIC
Like 'The Zoo Story,' e.g. ONEACT
Liszt piece RHAPSODY
Lower, in a way DIM
Machetes BOLOS
Maker of Wish-Bone salad dressing LIPTON
More remote ICIER
Multitudes LEGIONS
North Carolina county on the Blue Ridge Parkway ASHE
Old nursery song word LULLAY
One of the Khans ALY
One whose work's a bust NARC
Overseas Mrs. SRA
Porter ALE
Prefix with dairy NON
Provoke IRE
Ready to break, as a wave CRESTING
Register ENROL
Request of Rhonda, in a 1965 Beach Boys hit HELPME
Salad ingredients, briefly CUKES.
Seven-time Emmy winner ASNER
Stop using SCRAP
Subject of a 1930's mystery JUDGECRATER
Tanker's cargo CRUDE
Thunderstorm product OZONE
Tom or Daisy of 'The Great Gatsby' BUCHANAN
Trudge SLOG
Victim of Paris ACHILLES
Wing ELL
Winter time YULE
Wolfpack opponent TARHEEL
___-Roman GRECO
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