How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 18 2016

'Challenge accepted!' ITSON
'Gangnam Style' singer PSY
'How precious is that!' AWW
'I don't mean to ___ ...' PRY
'I'm ___ Her,' 2016 political slogan WITH
'No joke!' IMEANTHAT
'Onward!,' in Italy AVANTI
'Shame on you!' TUT
'So funny!' HA-HA
'Sure thing' YEP
'That is ... not looking good' UH-OH
'The meaning of life' once sold on it for $3.26 EBAY
'World News Tonight' airer ABC
'You're almost there' CLOSE
'___ Wiedersehen!' AUF
2016 Olympics site RIO
Actor Joaquin's complete bio? PHOENIXA-Z
Actor Williams of 'Happy Days' ANSON
Actor ___ J. Cobb of '12 Angry Men' LEE
Actress Kirsten DUNST
Aid for one going places? VISA
An airline now serves a Minute Maid beverage? AMERICANGOTHI-C
Appear that way SEEMTO
Argument you may start in school THESIS
Austin-to-Houston dir ESE
Birthplace of multiple saints ASSISI
Brian of ambient music ENO
Casualties of streaming services CDS
Caught on, with 'up' WISED
Certain Balkanite CROAT
Certainly not wish to repeat RUE
Channel that aired 'Felicity' and 'Smallville' THEWB
Chill, with 'out' HANG
Colorful pond swimmer KOI
Common newspaper feature not seen in The New York Times COMICS
Cops, in slang THEPO-PO
Curve-enhancing undergarment PUSH-UPBRA
Dark force YIN
Dark time, in poetry EEN
Deli supply LOX
Deli supply SALAMI
Department store department LINENS
Devices preventing off-hour openings of vaults TIMELOCKS
Discard SCRAP
Display clearly EVINCE
Drank to excess TOPED
E.W. or S.I MAG
End of many a toast TOYOU
European country slightly larger than Malta ANDORRA
Event for snocrossers XGAMES
Exerciser's target FLAB
Factory watchdog grp OSHA
Figs. in an author's acknowledgments section EDS
Game of tag, basically CHASING
Get by EVADE
Goalie's goal SAVE
Guy into hip-hop B-BOY
Handy take-along KIT
Home run territory, in lingo THEFENCES
Hughes poem that mentions 'the darker brother' ITOO
Image on the Arizona license plate SAGUARO
Inflexible RIGID
Joint action TOKE
Junior, often HEIR
Kerfuffle FLAP
Kerfuffles TO-DOS
Letters on some baggage to N.Y.C LGA
Like bibs and aprons TIEDON
Locale painted on the Sistine Chapel ceiling EDEN
Made damp WETTED
Marauding group in Tolkien's 'The Two Towers' ORCS
Metallic shades STEELGRAYS
Modern airport amenity FREEWI-FI
Muhammad had 13 WIVES
Navajo hogan, e.g HUT
Not as bright DENSER
Numbskull BOZO
Offerings to hitchhikers LIFTS
Olive or avocado TREE
On edge ANTSY
One of the Trumps ERIC
Oomph PEP
Parts of airports and fashion shows RUNWAYS
Pat ___, three-time N.B.A. Coach of the Year RILEY
Play-___ DOH
Pops some pills, say TAKESDRUGS
Popular sans-serif font ARIAL
Pranks with a roll, briefly TPS
Put together WED
Question from an owl? WHO
Question posed with feigned shock MOI
R.V. camper's org KOA
Record half that stirs emotions? MOVINGA-SIDE
Reef-dwelling snapper REDFISH
Sage swamp-dweller of film YODA
Sandwich for a dieter? LO-CALHERO
Schmaltz in kids' films? G-RATEDCHEESE
Schools of thought ISMS
Search far and wide SCOUR
Sermon topics SINS
Share CUT
Shortcuts into clubs VIPLINES
Size up ASSESS
Slippery sort WEASEL
Slowly disengages (from) WEANS
Smacks hard SWATS
So last month OLD
Soft wool source MERINO
Some apartments for scaredy-cats? CHICKENCO-OPS
Something starting something? ESS
Something that gets MADD mad DWI
Start of a legalese paragraph WHEREAS
Swap (out) SUB
Talk show interviewee GUEST
The witching hour XII
Throw together WHIPUP
Troupe of lesser-known actors? B-LISTERPACK
U.S. detainment site in Cuba, informally GITMO
Unattractive fruit UGLI
Unfiltered RAW
Updated one's blog POSTED
Ushers in BRINGS
Volcano output ASH
W.W. I battle locale YPRES
What swish shots miss RIM
Where the heart is TORSO
Whined like a baby MEWLED
Winter D.C. hrs EST
Word repeated in the postal creed NOR
Word with sweet or sugar PEA
Work of extraterrestrials? - not! CROPCIRCLE
You thinking what I'm thinking? ESP
[I'm devastated!] SOB
___ fly SAC
___-pah OOM
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