How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 16 2007

'Away in a Manger,' for one NOEL
'Copy that' ROGER
'Dónde ___ ...?' ESTA
'Hägar the Horrible' dog SNERT
'Huh?' WHAT
'Knockin' on Heaven's Door' songwriter DYLAN
'Love ___' MEDO
'No ___!' DICE
'Think big' company IMAX
'Voulez-Vous' pop group ABBA
1980 N.F.L. M.V.P. Brian SIPE
1992 Oscar-nominated title role for Robert Downey Jr. CHAPLIN
Accumulate, with 'up' PILE
Amount paid on some out-of-state purchases USETAX
Anatomical part whose name comes from the Latin for 'grape' UVEA
Annual 'Movie Yearbook' author since the 1990s EBERT
Be gaga (over) DROOL
Benchmarks: Abbr. STDS
Bit of news at the aviary? ASTARLINGISBORN
Bit of tomfoolery ANTIC
Bucks, e.g. DEER
Buddy on TV EBSEN
Calf feature SILENTL
Capture of a Mafia runner, e.g.? UNDERLINGARREST
Cat's warning HISS
Chant at a basketball game DEFENSE
Charges (up) REVS
Coachman's line REIN
Coloring TINCT
Comic actress Sykes WANDA
Comment to a new friend ILIKEYOU
Crazy as ___ ALOON
Cry from a selfish child MINE
Cut above the flank LOIN
Delete XOUT
Diamond stat. RBI
Dishonor ODIUM
Early version BETA
Early ___ RISER
East German secret police STASI
Elegance LUXE
Emanate (from) ARISE
Esq., usually ATT
Et ___ ALII
Ethyl cinnamate, for one ESTER
Farm young 'un with a blanket? DUCKLINGANDCOVER
Feeling much less than 100% ILL
Field calls CAWS
Fifth state to ratify the Constitution: Abbr. CONN
Fishing with traps, maybe EELING
Fluoride, for one ION
Fraternization on an army base? MILITARYCOUPLING
Get-ups GARBS
Gives the oath of office, e.g. INSTALLS
Go from dawn to dusk LATEN
Go on and on JABBER
Grand Ole Opry sight BANJO
Gwen ___, Spider-Man's first love STACY
Hint at IMPLY
How courteous swordsmen fight? WITHALLDUELINGRESPECT
Inflammation reducer ALOE
Injured, in baseball lingo ONTHEDL
Instruction before 'repeat' RINSE
It might get your kitty going ANTE
It should have a head and a good body BEER
Jai ___ ALAI
James Joyce's home EIRE
Je ne ___ quoi SAIS
Jordanian queen NOOR
Kids go through them PHASES
Land bordering ancient Lydia IONIA
Least populous U.N. member TUVALU
Leaves after dinner? TEA
Like many Scots KILTED
Like some verbs: Abbr. INTR
Literary preceder of 'Goldfinger' DRNO
Load bearer? DRYER
Local cutie pie? TOWNDUMPLING
Master LEARN
Midway attraction RIDE
Mouthwash flavor MINT
N.H.L. great from the Czech Republic JAGR
Notion of an underwater creature? SQUIDINKLING
One may be double or free AGENT
One trying to find the right combination? YEGG
Order for Oscar night GOWN
Org. that established the Legends Tour in 2001 LPGA
Part of a season EPISODE
Particular purpose NONCE
Pet in old cartoons DINO
Plot again REMAP
Poker declaration IMOUT
Primitive CRUDE
Prolonged complaints JEREMIADS
Protected, as a surgeon's hands GLOVED
Radio talker G. Gordon ___ LIDDY
Range part: Abbr. MTN
Regarding INRE
Reject SPURN
Renounce QUIT
Russian conductor/composer Markevitch IGOR
Sanford of 'The Jeffersons' ISABEL
Saturn, for one GOD
Scandinavian native LAPP
Servings from a grill KABOBS
Settle (into) EASE
Singer Janis IAN
Singer who spells her name in all lowercase letters KDLANG
Small interval of time: Abbr. NSEC
Something bad that may be put on you HEX
Sound's partner SAFE
Start of an itinerary POINTA
Stir JOG
Stuck on APPLIED
Style of Japanese writing KANJI
Succeed, with 'it' HACK
Suffix with insist ENCE
Superior AONE
Supervising OVER
Survey choice NONE
They may prevent passage NAYS
Tied, in a way DEUCE
Tombstone word DIED
TripTik provider: Abbr. AAA
Ultraviolet filter OZONE
Unforgiving RIGID
Veneration AWE
Wagered LAID
What a specialist men's store may offer TALLSIZES
What a train goes down AISLE
With geniality AMIABLY
Work of Michelangelo, e.g. ARTE
Zellweger and Adorée RENEES
___ artery (blood vessel of the arm) ULNAR
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