How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 14 1997

'Children of the Albatross' author NIN
'Exodus' role ARI
'Gilligan's Island' actress DAWELLS
'It Happened One Night' producer COHN
'My Way' songwriter ANKA
'The Dark at the Top of the Stairs' playwright INGE
'The Furys' novelist James HANLEY
'The Phantom of the Opera' star, 1962 LOM
'The ___ Adventure' ('Star Wars' spinoff) EWOK
'These Dreams' singer, 1986 ANILSON
'___ only knew' IFI
.6102 cubic inch CENTILITER
1974 hit subtitled 'Touch the Wind' ERESTU
1975 James Taylor hit HOWEETITIS
A.M.A. members GPS
Angler's hope BITE
Animation VIM
Battle of Coronel admiral, 1914 SPEE
Bellyache GRIPE
Bereavements GRIEFS
Better than never? LATE
Bitsy beginning ITSY
Book stores? LIBRARIES
Botswanan problem TSETSE
Center of a roast HONOREE
Chaldeans SEERS
Clockmaker Terry ELI
Come about PIVOT
Composer Prokofiev SERGEI
Conductor ___ Klas ERI
Congratulations, of a sort PATS
Couch potatoes, often CHANLSURFERS
Cozened HAD
Decline WORSEN
Depression-era inits. WPA
Diamond of records NEIL
Directional suffix ERN
Disgusted FEDUP
Donald's daughter IVANKA
Dosage amts. TBSPS
Drip site EAVE
Drop the ball ERR
Drunk's woe, with 'the' SPINS
Duds at work DUNGAREES
Ending with blind or broad SIDED
Enter GOIN
Ethel Merman and Jack Benny, e.g. STAGENAMES
Euripidean work TRAGEDY
First Lady of 1900 IDA
First name in spydom MATA.
First name in spydom MATA
Frederick Forsyth best seller, with 'The' ODESSAFILE
Go-getters TIGERS
Grenoble's river ISERE
Group of planes FLEET
Guitar-picking pioneer Everly IKE
Hard rock, maybe ORE
Hardly Mensa material LAMEBRAINED
Hay morsel AWN
Hold OWN
In a difficult position TREED
Inlet RIA
Intersecting street CROSAY
Is intemperate OVERDOESIT
Itchings YENS
John of York LOO
Kilowatt-hour fraction ERG
Kind of hound MEDIA
Kind of session QANDA
Lausanne lies on it LAKEOFGEVA
Logging-on need SECRETPASORD
Magazine that debuted 2/17/33 NEWEEK
Maniacal TWISTED
March event OSCARS
Math calculation NORM
Matter for a judge RES
Medit. nation ISR
Mole, for one TUNLER
Nigerian language EDO
North Holland seaport EDAM
Not lethargic SPRY
Not well-done PINK
One letting go ACQUITTER
Open tract LLANO
Oscar Madison, for one SLOVEN
Pancreas, e.g. GLAND
Perfect HONE
Pizzeria patron EATER
Possible change in Russia RUBLE
Pot grower? ANTE
Preview programs for computers SHAREWARE
Property of housepets? TAMESS
Put to use HARNESD
Quirks, say MANNERISMS
Reassurer's words NEVERFEAR
Resource to be tapped? KEG
Rocky Lane spoke for him MRED
Sammy Davis Jr. had one GLASYE
School reward STAR
Sensible to the nth degree SAGEST
She played Sarah in 'The Bible' AVA
Site of Chief Big Foot's last stand WOUNDEDKNEE
Small songbird TIT
Sorority letter PSI
Sound from the bleachers CHANT
Stem joint NODE
Suburb north of Seattle LYNOOD
Tackle GEAR
Tackled MET
The maximum, often LIFENTENCE
They may appear in the long run ACHES
They're not in the nuclear family NIECES
Thrills SENDS
Time to look ahead EVE
To be, in Bordeaux ETRE
Tom Sawyer's half brother SID
Torpedo SUB
Transfix AWE
Tricked WILED
Turns away ALIENATES
TV actress Spelling TORI
U.S.N. personnel CPOS
Understanding KEN
Unwind REST
Violinist Jean-___ Ponty LUC
Warhol icon Sedgwick EDIE
When repeated twice, a 1964 pop hit FUN
Wrapped up ENDED
___ citato OPERE
___ Darya (Asian river) AMU
___ Fjord (inlet of the Skagerrak) OSLO
___ law (i=v/r) OHMS
___-majeste LESE
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