How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 11 2018

$ource of ca$h atm
'Buffalo Bill,' for William Cody alias
'Ma-a-aybe' illsee
'Original copy' or 'open secret' oxymoron
'Raiders of the Lost ___' ark
'Talking' system for the deaf, in brief asl
'You ___ busted!' areso
1996 best-selling guide for 'grammarphobes' woeisi
Actress Chaplin of 'Game of Thrones' oona
Ambulances' hosp. destinations ers
Blend well together mesh
Boozehound sot
Born, in high society nee
Broke ground? hoed
Broker's charge fee
Chooses for office elects
Chops (off) lops
Color of an overcast sky gray
Comprehend get
Counterfeit token slug
Cups, saucers, sugar bowl, etc teaset
Dances violently moshes
Dump, as stocks divest
Elevator innovator Otis elisha
Epithet for a British beauty with fair skin englishrose
Fashion magazine with a French name elle
Firm hold grip
Flying nuisance gnat
Full of energy and enthusiasm asfreshasadaisy
Grad student's big paper thesis
Grow long in the tooth age
Grp. meeting in a school gym, often pta
Gumbo cookers stewpots
Hair removal brand nair
High-flown speech or writing ... or a description of 17-, 22-, 51- and 57-Across? flowerylanguage
High-ranking Mafioso don
If everything goes right atbest
In the thick of amid
Information about other information metadata
Kind of column in ancient Greece doric
Larson who created 'The Far Side' gary
Legislatures write them laws
Letters on a wanted poster aka
Like arias and anthems sung
Long in the tooth old
Lustful goat-men of myth satyrs
Magnificent stellar
Make harmless, as a snake defang
Meadow lea
Milky white gem opal
Note after fa sol
One registering with the American Kennel Club dogowner
Onetime radio host Boortz neal
Opening on Broadway? acti
Pacific current that causes odd weather elnino
Places in one's cross hairs targets
Poseidon's realm ocean
Rapper/actor Gibson tyrese
Record of a year's events annal
Rim edge
Shy sort shrinkingviolet
Slack-jawed feeling awe
Something planted when claiming territory flag
Stare slack-jawed gawp
Stop on an elevator floor
Things detectives pursue leads
Troublemaking Norse god loki
Try to improve what is already beautiful gildthelily
Urge strongly exhort
Very heavy obese
Warm and cozy snug
You, to Yves toi
___ Jones industrial average dow
___-mo replay slo
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