How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 09 2002

'Ladders to Fire' novelist Anaïs NIN
'Later' TATA
'Les Misérables' award, 1987 TONY
'Let me go!' e.g. PLEA
'Let's go!' CMON
'Little Mermaid' ARIEL
'Little of this, little of that' dish STEW
'Lonely Boy' singer Paul ANKA
L, e.g.: Abbr. LTR
Labrador food? ALPO
Lacking faith in God AGNOSTIC
Lacking moisture DRY
Ladd or Greenspan ALAN
Land bordering Greece: Abbr. ALB
Lane Kirkland of the AFL-CIO, e.g. LABORLEADER
Late princess DIANA
Latin dance TANGO
Latitude/longitude shower MAP
Lauderdale is south of it BOCA
Le ___ (Paris paper) MONDE
Leader of pre-1917 Russia TSAR
Leadership of a co. MGT
Learn to cope ADAPT
Lego precursor LINCOLNLOGS
Lennon's woman ONO
Lento or largo TEMPO
Less than 1 m.p.h., as winds CALM
Let spread PROPAGATE
Lethargy MALAISE
Letterman rival LENO
Level-headedness APLOMB
Liable to make one scratch ITCHY
Libeler, almost by definition LIAR
Lie in bed, say AIL
Lifeguards' dangers RIPTIDES
Light hammer part PEEN
Light purple LILAC
Light that oozes LAVALAMP
Like a hippie's hair LONG
Like certain engineers: Abbr. NAV
Like some verbs IRREGULAR
Like-mindedness UNITY
Likely foil for Garfield ODIE
Lima animal LLAMA
Line of mourners CORTEGE
Line on a graph AXIS
Linen color ECRU
Link between nations TREATY
Links org. PGA
Lion's cousin TIGER
Lire used to be spent here ITALY
Literary Cather WILLA
Lithe swimmer EEL
Livy's 1,551 MDLI
Location for 24-hr. banking ATM
Long-necked instruments SITARS
Look more prominent than the rest, with 'out' JUT
Losing tic-tac-toe row OXO
Loss's opposite GAIN
Lost no time SPED
Loudly cry BAWL
Loudness increaser, at a concert AMP
Louse-to-be NIT
Lousy-car buyer's protection LEMONLAW
Lower leg joint ANKLE
Lozenge-shaped OBLONG
Lucy's landlady ETHEL
Ludicrous comments ROT
Lunch for a whale, in a Bible story JONAH
Lunch meat HAM
Lyre-carrying Muse ERATO
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