How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 08 2013

'Casablanca' heroine ILSA
'CBS Evening News' anchor before Pelley COURIC
'Idomeneo' heroine ILIA
'Mad Men' channel AMC
'Mazel ___!' TOV
'Nuts!' DAMN
'The Dark Knight' and 'The Bourne Supremacy,' e.g SEQUELS
'Would you like me to?' SHALLI
'___ any wonder?' ISIT
'___ la Douce' IRMA
1969 Peter O'Toole title role MRCHIPS
Acad., e.g SCH
Accessories for hoofers TOETAPS
Actress Carrere TIA
Actress Chaplin of 'Game of Thrones' OONA
Advocate for pro-am tournaments? CELEBRITYGOLFDEFENDER
Ancient Mexican OLMEC
Antiqued photograph color SEPIA
Arabic for 'commander' EMIR
As a result HENCE
Berkeley campus, for short UCAL
Billet-doux recipient AMOUR
Bittern's habitat MARSH
Book of Judges judge EHUD
Brief remark upon retiring NIGHT
Bring down the house? RAZE
Broadcast medium AIRWAVE
Candy bar featured in a 'Seinfeld' episode TWIX
Carrier to Ben Gurion ELAL
Cast HUE
Change COINS
Charred BURNT
Checkup, e.g EXAM
City near Mount Rainier YAKIMA
Concerning ASTO
Contents of some six-packs ABS
Country composed of 200+ islands PALAU
D.C.'s ___ Stadium RFK
Director Wertmuller LINA
Disdainful response SNIFF
Diva ___ Te Kanawa KIRI
Dumped (on) UNLOADED
Engage in excessive self-reflection? PREEN
Four-time Best New Age Album Grammy winner ENYA
French/Belgian river YSER
Frequently faked luxury brand ROLEX
Frozen dessert brand owned by Mrs. Fields TCBY
H.R.'s, e.g STAT
Having the fewest rules LAXEST
Here, in Honduras AQUI
High-handed ambassador stationed off the Italian coast? CAVALIERCAPRIDIPLOMAT
Himalayans of legend YETIS
Home of Wind Cave Natl. Park SDAK
Hungarian man's name that's an anagram of 38-Down IMRE
Hurdles for future E.N.T.'s and G.P.'s MCATS
Inclination BENT
Inflation indicator: Abbr PSI
It'll grab you by the seat of your pants TBAR
Japanese copier company RICOH
Job security, for some TENURE
Kind of kick ONSIDE
Lenovo competitor ACER
Like role models ADMIRED
Like some excuses FLIMSY
Magazine user? UZI
Marathoner's woe CRAMP
Mer contents EAU
Mex. miss SRTA
Milk-Bone, e.g TREAT
Mistakes made by some bad drivers SHANKS
More, in Madrid MAS
Musical piece for a 'Star Wars' battle scene? STORMTROOPERSONATA
Musician with the gold-selling album 'Sugar Lips' ALHIRT
Neighbor of Vt QUE
Newspaper worker PRESSMAN
Nonkosher lunch orders, for short BLTS
Not approach directly SIDLE
Nurse SIP
Ones with good habits? NUNS
Onetime White House family NIXONS
Opposite of brilliance IDIOCY
Palindromic constellation ARA
Peace treaty between a predator and its prey? BOBCATRABBITACCORD
Pixar title character NEMO
Playground retort IAMSO
Prefix with god DEMI
Pseudonym preceder AKA
Pussy ___ (Russian girl group) RIOT
Ready for a frat party, say TOGAED
Relation? TALE
River into which the Great Miami flows OHIO
Search for a cradle-robbing woman in New York City? PARKAVENUECOUGARQUEST
Sections of a natural history museum, maybe ERAS
Seductive singer SIREN
See 11-Down BRA
Shampoo, maybe GEL
Shoe brand named after an animal REEBOK
Short trips HOPS
Short-winded TERSE
Singer Winehouse AMY
Skater's jump AXEL
Small 58-Down size ACUP
Small mosaic tile TESSERA
Small ___ FRY
Smuggler-chasing org ATF
Some concert gear AMPS
Some powder TALC
Some title holders EARLS
Speak pigeon? COO
Start of many Brazilian place names SAO
Sticky handle? ELMERS
Stop getting better PLATEAU
Stroked, in a way ROWED
Super Soaker brand NERF
Sushi bar offering ROLL
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Time piece ESSAY
Tom Brady, in the 2002 Super Bowl? INTREPIDRAMCHALLENGER
Turbaned type SWAMI
Turning point AXIS
TV show broadcast from Times Square, for short GMA
Twice tetra- OCTA
Union letters CIO
Very blue OBSCENE
Withered SERE
Writer H. H. ___ MUNRO
X Games fixture RAMP
[Pardon] AHEM
___ avis RARA
___ bear POOH
___ Canals SOO
___ cube (popular 1960s puzzle) SOMA
___-Honey BITO
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