How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 08 2002

'Coffee, Tea ___' (1960's best seller) ORME
'Earth in the Balance' author GORE
'I don't give ___!' ARAP
'I'm free!' for example? LIBERTYBELLOW
'Michael Collins' actor, 1996 REA
'Mystery!' broadcaster PBS
'South Pacific' hero EMILE
'Take ___' ONE
'The Great Forest' painter ERNST
'The Master Builder' playwright IBSEN
.0000001 joule ERG
Actress Ullmann LIV
Alaska nesters CURLEWS
Alphabetical run MNOP
Anchovy containers TINS
Ancient Scandinavian poets SKALDS
Año starter ENERO
Apple polishers TOADIES
Attention getters YOS
Attic use STORAGE
Author Rand AYN
Away's partner FAR
Ballerina Makarova NATALIA
Bear in Bolivia OSO
Bedding with an aftertaste? BITTERPILLOW
Big heart? ACE
Blaze, to Blaise FEU
Book coverer? REVIEWER
Bred winners? SIRED
Business card abbr. TEL
Cabinet dept. AGR
Café lightener LAIT
Carbon compound ENOL
Changing pitch SPITBALL
Chemical suffix IDE
Community group since 1915 KIWANIS
Company that merged with BP in 1998 AMOCO
Cosmetic additive ALOE
Cuban pianist Jorge BOLET
Delight GLEE
Discrimination watchdog: Abbr. EEOC
Divide up in a new way REALLOT
Draw TIE
Emanation from a wide chimney? BROADBILLOW
Falsified ID's for, perhaps ABETTED
Family nickname NANA
Favorable time to invest? TRADEWINDOW
First product of 53-Down TEA
Flap ADO
Flustered DITHERY
Fly with a long proboscis TSETSE
From the kitchen, say EDIBLE
Go up in the middle ARC
Guidry of the 70's-80's Yankees RON
Healthy look GLOW
Healthy tree? LIVINGWILLOW
Heckles BOOS
Hiding place for a home run hitter? AARONBURROW
Hostage situation acronym SWAT
Hue for cowardly insurgents? REBELYELLOW
Instinctual desires LIBIDOS
It's not all done on the ground PASSPLAY
Journey segment LEG
June birthstone PEARL
Kentucky college or its town BEREA
Kind of set ERECTOR
Kroger competitor AANDP
Landed peasant in pre-1917 Russia KULAK
Like some airports: Abbr. INTL
Like some steak bones GNAWED
Little cases ETUIS
Lost appeal over time WORETHIN
Made certain SAWTOIT
MGM Studios founder LOEW
Monthly bill CABLE
Morning course CEREAL
Negative particles ANIONS
Not shot all at once TIMELAPSE
Often ALOT
Old Egypt-Syr. alliance UAR
Old Testament prophet AMOS
One doing clerical work PRIEST
One of the Balearic Islands MINORCA
Oohs and aahs GASPS
Peddle HAWK
Phone button STAR
Pitches between innings ADS
Point GIST
Poles, e.g. SLAVS
Popular TV chef EMERIL
Powerful D.C. lobby AARP
Presses, folds and stretches KNEADS
Prima ballerina ETOILE
Prince Valiant's son ARN
Puppeteer Baird BIL
Put in stitches SEWED
Red or Card NLER
Rochester's love EYRE
Rubberneck GAPE
Sadat, e.g. ARAB
Salad topping OIL
Scale part SOL
Sharp TART
So far ASYET
Soap-making ingredient LYE
Solvent made from coal tar TOLUENE
Songlike ARIOSE
Squander BLOW
Stone Mountain honoree LEE
Straight shooting CANDOR
Supposed crop circle makers, for short ETS
Surface EMERGE
Sushi fish EELS
Symbol of brightness MENSA
Taxonomic subdivisions PHYLA
Tête-à-tête lead-in LETSTALK
Things to avoid NONOS
Title for Dumas's Edmond Dantès COMTE
Togo's capital LOME
Tranquil discipline YOGA
Turn red, maybe DYE
Us Weekly subject CELEB
Utility co. output ELEC
Virtuous MORAL
Ward off DETER
Whack BELT
Where hogs mourn? WAILINGWALLOW
Wild West outlaw's comeuppance NOOSE
___ City, Hawaii LANAI
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