How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 07 2015

'Am ___ early?' ITOO
'Get my drift?' SEE
'Little ___ of Horrors' SHOP
'That's ___ haven't heard' ONEI
'___ Doone' (1869 historical novel) LORNA
'___ the Whales' (bumper sticker) SAVE
2007 Record of the Year by Amy Winehouse REHAB
Antifur org PETA
Any of the Florida Keys: Abbr ISL
Arthur of tennis ASHE
Banned insecticide DDT
Belief in the existence of God THEISM
Biblical king of Judea HEROD
Brief and pithy TERSE
Decline, as in popularity WANE
Deep down inside ATHEART
Drop one's lawsuit, say SETTLE
Dubai, for one EMIRATE
Early tournament match, informally PRELIM
Food for hummingbirds NECTAR
Food preservative letters BHT
Gets a move on HUSTLES
Grow canines TEETHE
Has debts OWES
Having debts ... or where to find a golf ball after 17-, 30-, 37- and 48-Across's starts? INTHEHOLE
Hopeless, as a situation NOWIN
How some games end, before overtime INATIE
In ___ (lined up) AROW
International cosmetics chain SEPHORA
Internet address starter HTTP
Juicy pieces of gossip TIDBITS
Lavish love (on) DOTE
Level of authority ECHELON
Lisa with the 1994 #1 hit 'Stay (I Missed You)' LOEB
Ma'am with a lamb? EWE
Motivate INSPIRE
Often-difficult part of a jigsaw puzzle SKY
On the ___ (incensed) WARPATH
Passé OLD
PC support person TECH
Piggy digs STY
Pioneering nurse Barton CLARA
Popular sashimi tuna AHI
Pre-GPS guide from a travel org AAAMAP
Prefix with -naut ASTRO
Pressed, recycled paper used for notepad backing CHIPBOARD
Quarterback Manning ELI
Recent: Prefix NEO
Roll call response HERE
Sheep's sound BAA
Shuttle program org NASA
Sighs of satisfaction AHS
Slow motorboats, informally PUTTPUTTS
Snapshot, for short PIC
Somewhat SORTOF
Soul singer Redding OTIS
Spanish king REY
Stunning weapons TASERS
Superbrat TERROR
Swearing-in statement OATH
Team motivator RAH
They lead to garages DRIVEWAYS
Tibetan monk LAMA
Tool for moving hay PITCHFORK
Up and about ASTIR
Voice higher than tenor ALTO
Ward of 'The Fugitive' SELA
Waters parted in Exodus REDSEA
What a surly server may get NOTIP
When doubled or tripled, a dance CHA
Where people are always getting into hot water? SPA
Worthless stuff TRASH
___ Beta Kappa PHI
___ Na Na SHA
___-masochist SADO
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