How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 06 2016

'Bravo!' OLE
'Still ...' YET
'Sure thing' UHHUH
'Well, lah-di-___!' DAH
'What's the big ___?' IDEA
Achieved results BOREFRUIT
Adjoining hotel accommodations SUITE
Attacked on all sides BESET
Beautiful water hue AQUA
Big name in Chicago politics DALEY
Brand at the Daytona 500 STP
Cardio workout regimen TAEBO
CBS logo EYE
Collectible art print, in brief LITHO
Comedy routine BIT
Constantly worry OBSESS
Developmental rink org AHL
Early 2000s White House inits GWB
Early afternoon hour ONEPM
Envious critic, in modern lingo HATER
Flightless South American bird RHEA
Former attorney general Janet RENO
Former celebrity EXSTAR
Frolicking mammals OTTERS
Gait between a walk and a canter TROT
Go hungry STARVE
Go in circles ROTATE
Haunted house inhabitants GHOSTS
Have down ___ science TOA
Hides in the forest? DEERSKINS
It's not the truth LIE
Land divided by the 38th parallel KOREA
Lightens, as one's load EASES
Literal phrase of resignation IQUIT
Maguire who played Spider-Man TOBEY
Minuscule, informally ITTY
Nurtured FED
Offshoot of punk EMO
Only U.N. member whose name comes alphabetically between P and R QATAR
Paperless party summons EVITE
Phrase of resignation WINSOMELOSESOME
Phrase of resignation QUESERASERA
Phrase of resignation THATSLIFE
Phrase of resignation ANDSOITGOES
Post-blizzard vehicle PLOW
Practices boxing SPARS
Punch bowl dipper LADLE
Qualifying match, informally PRELIM
Regarding this matter HERETO
Room with a tub, informally BATH
Santa ___ racetrack ANITA
Scare off DETER
Second-longest river in Iberia EBRO
See 17-Across THEBREAKS
Send over the moon ELATE
Smooth-talking GLIB
Some E.R. cases ODS
Somewhat tardy LATISH
Squeal in pain YELP
Thanksgiving dessert PIE
The 'F' of T/F FALSE
The sixth letter of 'garbage,' but not the first SOFTG
Tobacco holder PIPE
Tom who wrote 'The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test' WOLFE
Tool for climbing the Alps ICEAX
Totally uncool LAME
Toyota Prius, e.g HYBRID
Type of black tea PEKOE
Was heartsick ACHED
Washington/Montana separator IDAHO
Weeding tool HOE
What a phoenix rises from, with 'the' ASHES
With 18-Across, phrase of resignation THEMS
Wizard MAGE
Words before 'old chap' ISAY
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