How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 06 2015

'Arabian Nights' predator ROC
'I'm ___ it!' (hick's nix) AGIN
'Inside ___ Davis' (Coen brothers film) LLEWYN
'Kinsey' star, 2004 NEESON
'Oh wow!' GOD
'The Brady Bunch' kid JAN
'Young Frankenstein' assistant INGA
'___ Arrives' (1967 soul album) ARETHA
0%, in a way SKIM
1957 film set almost entirely in one room TANGRYMEN
1960s buddy cop sitcom, informally CARF
1960s-'70s police drama ADAMT
2004 rom-com in which a middle schooler is transformed into an adult overnight TGOINGONT
Ability MEANS
Ability to borrow CREDIT
Adams, Monroe or Grant ACTRESS
Alejandro G. Iñárritu film with the tagline 'How much does life weigh?' TGRAMS
Assembly line track GUIDERAIL
At the back DORSAL
Bearded ones GOATS
Beau Brummell accessories ASCOTS
Becomes one FUSES
Bee, e.g SOCIAL
Beltmaking tool AWL
Birdseed containers FEEDERS
Bit of rain DROP
Blotto LIT
Broody rock genre EMO
Byproduct in petroleum refining ETHANE
Car chase sounds SCREECHES
Caribbean capital HAVANA
Changes to the bill? NOSEJOBS
Clues to a sunken ship's location FLOTSAM
Colombia's national airline AVIANCA
Colorado State's team RAMS
Contiguous U.S. states, colloquially THELOWERF
Court figure Williams SERENA
Cry of dismay OHNO
Dealer's customer USER
Deeply offended STUNG
Degrees of magnitude? PHDS
Diving helmet attachment AIRHOSE
Doozy LULU
Drew in books NANCY
Early manufacturer of home computers ATARI
Economic org. in D.C IMF
Eddie Murphy's big-screen debut FHRS
Emailer's need: Abbr ACCT
Fab Four surname STARR
Figurative duration of short-lived fame FMINUTES
Filibuster feature SPEECH
Film set assistants GRIPS
First name in Objectivism AYN
First name of Dickens's Little Dorrit AMY
For fear that LEST
Game that people rarely agree to play twice FPICKUP
Glass raiser's word SALUD
Growing businesses FARMS
Hand-made percussion CLAPS
Harder to fool WISER
Has the temerity DARES
Hawk on the street VEND
Hieroglyphic symbol EYE
Historical topics ERAS
Hitchcock film with a nameless heroine REBECCA
Hunts, as a house cat might MOUSES
Imbecile ASS
Infiltrator MOLE
Instantly likable ENGAGING
Invite to dinner, say ASKOUT
Israelite tribe progenitor LEVI
It 'teaches you when to be silent,' per Disraeli TACT
Italian gentlemen SIGNORI
Italian religious figure CRISTO
Kid-lit's Eloise, e.g CITYGIRL
L.P.G.A. garment SKORT
Lessen the value of, maybe MAR
Lively comedies ROMPS
Liven (up) SPICE
Maintain AVER
Make a point SCORE
Make another movie together, say RETEAM
Maker of candy wafers NECCO
Master ACE
Mel who co-wrote 'The Christmas Song' TORME
Minor predecessor? URSA
Modern rock and news/talk, for two FORMATS
Morales of 'NYPD Blue' ESAI
Moving day need BOXES
NBC sitcom set at NBC TROCK
Nog topper NUTMEG
Nomadic conqueror HUN
Not working, say ONBREAK
On both sides of ASTRIDE
One raised in church? ALTAR
Org. with conferences NCAA
Ornament shape ORB
Parts of many passwords: Abbr NOS
Payment promise IOU
Pertaining to a sovereign REGNAL
Pop group? TOPF
Pottery, e.g CRAFT
Rallying cry during the Polk administration FFORFIGHT
Rating first used for 'Red Dawn' PGT
Re/Max competitor CENTURYT
Relentless faultfinder NOODGE
Religious outfits COWLS
Resource in the board game The Settlers of Catan ORE
Return date? APRILF
Roadside assistance org AAA
Rock band from Athens, Ga THEBFS
Rock or Pine CHRIS
Routine-bound INAGROOVE
SeaWorld performer SHAMU
Selling well HOT
Serve as a go-between LIAISE
Siesta sounds SNORES
Simple camera's aperture PINHOLE
Singer with the band Cult Jam LISALISA
Slow movements ADAGIOS
Something saved for a rainy day TARP
Spa wear ROBE
Sponsor of some PBS programs NEA
Square figures STATUES
Stocking fabric NET
Symbol of England LION
Tax-exempt bond, for short MUNI
Ted with a guitar NUGENT
The Company, in govt. lingo CIA
Title IX target SEXISM
Trust eroders LIES
Unimportant flaw NIT
Use a lance TILT
Vessel with a spout EWER
Visibly moved INTEARS
Wee bit MITE
West End district SOHO
Word of parting CIAO
Word often shortened to its middle letter in texts ARE
Zach's old flame in 'A Chorus Line' CASSIE
___ Rabbit BRER
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