How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 05 1999

'Apollo 13' subject NASA
'King of Hearts' star ALANBATES
'King ___' (1950-65 comic strip) AROO
'My Friend Flicka' author OHARA
'Now ___ you...' IASK
'Tuning in the U.S.A.' broadcaster: Abbr. VOA
'West Side Story' girl ANITA
'You are correct!' BINGO
1954-76 national capital SAIGON
68-Down's medium RADIO
A-line line SEAM
Accident-assessing areas, briefly ERS
Actor Andrews DANA
Archilochus work EPODE
Athenian H ETA
Autocrats TSARS
Beekeeper's exclamation? OUCH
Beethoven's Opus 20, e.g. SEPTET
Big name in chips LAYS
Boot part INSOLE
Botherer DEMON
Can't take LOATHE
Can't take ABHOR
Carnival sight TENT
Checked for heat FRISKED
Cheese place NACHO
Chevy Chase and others CITIES
Cloudiness BLEAR
Cold development REDNOSE
Collapsed GAVE
Corp. recruits MBAS
Digging, so to speak INTO
Dispute subjects, perhaps BORDERS
Donnybrook MELEE
Dwell BIDE
Effigy IMAGE
Encircling ring of light AUREOLE
End of the question WHATDIDHEGOBACKTO
Face of time? DIAL
Finger board? EMERY
Focus of some tests TASTE
From the top ANEW
Gathering point MECCA
Get a move on HIE
Greeter HAILER
Head set? HAIRDO
Helen's mother LEDA
Helps with a con job? ABETS
Hero of medieval romances ROLAND
Highland toppers TAMS
His '4' was retired MELOTT
How baroque architecture is ornamented RICHLY
In ___ way ABAD
Infatuated with SOFTON
Intoxicating Polynesian quaff KAVA
It doesn't sting DRONE
It may be represented by a tree LINEAGE
It may precede other things AMONG
It was defeated in 1588 ARMADA
It's good to meet them NEEDS
It's headquartered in Troy, Mich. KMART
Key material EBONY
King of France ROI
Knighted dancer ___ Dolin ANTON
Latin I word ERAT
Like a 117-Across RAYED
Like a 54-Across ARCHED
Like AB negative, of all major blood types RAREST
Like standard music notation OCTAVAL
Loafer's lack LACES
Major Hoople's outburst, in old comics EGAD
Meeting points NODES
Memory units BYTES
Molokai show HULA
Musician John TESH
Nodding one, sometimes BIDDER
Nordstrom rival SAKS
North American dogwoods OSIERS
Oblast on the Oka OREL
Old lamp fill OIL
One of a study group? LABRAT
One way to serve coffee ICED
Pilothouse abbr. SSE
Plot, perhaps ACRE
Portoferraio's place ELBA
Potential tennis opponent? ANYONE
Preoperative delivery, once ETHER
Propeller holder, perhaps BEANIE
Prospector's dreams LODES
Psychopharmacologist's prescription LITHIUM
Push-up aid? BRA
Question, part 2 THEFIRSTDRAWING
Question, part 3 BOARDGOTITWRONG
Red ___ (Japanese food fish) TAI
Reedlike SLENDER
Schussboomer's transport TBAR
See 67-Across WRIGHT
Service providers? PASTORS
Shade provider AWNING
Skip ___ ABEAT
Soccer ___ MOM
Some are lean MEATS
Somme time ETE
Sound from a pen OINK
Spelling and Amos TORIS
Start of a break-in AHEM
Start of an idle question WHENTHEMANWHOMADE
Stinger WASP
Strengthen ANNEAL
Superlatively slick SLYEST
Take-out order? DELE
Talk a blue streak RUNON
They may be lent EARS
They might get drunk in the summer ADES
They're heard when Brits take off TATAS
Time-___ TESTED
Toast beginner HERES
Took away (from) DETRACTED
Twelve NOON
Unliquidated? THIRSTY
Unsubstantial MEAGER
Vantage point ANGLE
Vichyssoise ingredient LEEK
Vultures were sacred to him ARES
Washed away ERODED
Wasn't off one's rocker SAT
What '5' can mean MAY
Winged one in Wonderland DODO
With 69-Across, asker of the question STEVEN
Wonderment AWE
Work time HOURS
___ lamb EWE
___ mundi ANNO
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