How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 03 2015

'Boxcars' SIXES
'By yesterday' PDQ
'Does' or 'doesn't' follower SHE
'Facts ___ facts' ARE
'To Spring' and others ODES
'You want to go ___?' WHERE
'___ shocked ... shocked!' IAM
1940s war zone: Abbr EUR
23-Across and others OTTS
Acting exercise SCENE
Actor Ryan ONEAL
Air force heroes ACES
America's only bachelor president BUCHANAN
Baba au ___ RHUM
Base clearers HOMERUNS
Be a ham EMOTE
Best Picture of 1958 GIGI
Bumpers of Arkansas DALE
Butler's last words ADAMN
Cable channel that broadcasts trials COURTTV
Catch some rays SUN
Club aliases, for short NOMS
Common lunch hour ONE
Cut a rug DANCE
Cuts in expenses ECONOMIES
Dash units EMS
Disparaging remark SLUR
Do before, as a gift chore PREWRAP
Does a number on SCAMS
Emmy-winning Tyne DALY
Fabric meas SQYDS
Frequently ALOT
Get through work EARN
Goad gently COAX
Goof-offs IDLERS
Grammys category RAP
Greek god of bondage? MANACLES
Greek god of electricity? AMPERES
Greek god of equal opportunity? ANTIBIAS
Greek god of fertility? GAMETES
Greek god of healthy hair? FOLLICLES
Greek god of mercy? SPAREUS
Greek god of tangy drinks? LIMEADES
Greek goddess of communication? TELEPHONE
Greek goddess of learning? ERUDITE
Greek goddess of messages? ENVELOPE
Had feelings (for) CARED
Had wings ATE
Hawaiian goose NENE
Hibernating DORMANT
Hillside thrill-ride need SLED
Hit bonus, for short RBI
Kennedy and others TEDS
Key to understanding the theme of this puzzle REPRONUNCIATION
Life's partner LIMB
Lt. commander of '60s TV MCHALE
Macy's Parade locale MANHATTAN
Mauna ___ KEA
May, for one MONTH
Moriarty, to Holmes NEMESIS
Nothing more than MERE
Peeping ___ TOM
Pep rally cry RAH
Performer of a banishing act EXILER
Poet on whose work 'Cats' is based: Abbr TSE
Poison indicators, on bottles XES
Prepares to fire AIMS
Province opp. Detroit ONT
Rock's Police or Cream, e.g TRIO
Sicilian's millions LIRE
Sign up JOIN
Silver streaks LODES
Slogging areas MIRES
Slugger's first name MEL
Small group, as of trees CLUMP
String between B and F CDE
Title villain of a 'Star Trek' film KHAN
Tombstone lawman EARP
Tony Blair, for one BRITON
Trysted MET
Used bookstore containers BINS
Weapon-free UNARMED
Weapons in action films UZIS
Wear away ERODE
Where to see 'Outside the Lines' ESPN
Winter woe FLU
Work hard TOIL
Wrinkle removers IRONERS
You can count on it ABACUS
Young 'un TOT
___ alai JAI
___ mater ALMA
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