How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 03 2011

'David ___,' Edward Noyes Westcott novel HARUM
'Grey's Anatomy' actor ERICDANE
'Star Wars' villain JABBA
'That's awful!' ICK
'The Sands of ___' (Arthur C. Clarke's first science fiction novel) MARS
'The Tinker's Wedding' playwright SYNGE
'The ___ Diaries' (2007 best seller) REAGAN
'Tonight My Love, Tonight' singer ANKA
'Would you look at that!' AWW
'___ changed' IVE
A little too quiet, perhaps EERIE
About to happen ONTAP
Actor Pat MORITA
Article in hip-hop THA
Beef product JERKY
Bibliolater BOOKWORM
Birth city of Mother Teresa SKOPJE
Brewmaster's science ZYMURGY
Broken thing in 'Gimme a break' KITKATBAR
Brushed up on REREAD
Chili container CROCK
Chink in the armor WEAKSPOT
Cleanser with the logo of a chick emerging from an egg BONAMI
Conference USA sch UTEP
Dark quaff BOCK
Excited state TIZZY
Extinct wingless bird MOA
Fashion strip? MOHAWK
Former 'N Sync vocalist and judge on 'America's Best Dance Crew' JCCHASEZ
Former org. for Azerbaijani president Heydar Aliyev KGB
Gathering place for animals WATERHOLE
German fantasy writer Michael ENDE
Glandular opening? ADENO
Great Society inits OEO
Gruff rejoinder SEZWHO
Having been tainted, as a drink SKUNKY
Inventor of the battery in 1800 VOLTA
It stirs things up AGITATION
It's acquired in the sun VITAMIND
Japanese capture after Pearl Harbor GUAM
Little fella KIDDO
Many domes STADIA
Moved with force TORE
Ninth successor of St. Peter PIUSI
Nobel-winning economist James MEADE
Noted role for 46-Down MRMIYAGI
Org. against doping IOC
Part of a mudslide, maybe MOCHA
Perform 'All of Me,' say CROON
Performing perfectly INAGROOVE
Photographer who once collaborated with Capote AVEDON
Pirate's implement DVDBURNER
Pointer for a computer user ARROWKEY
Poisonous lily ARUM
Projects, in a good way RADIATES
Ready for another play RESET
Relatives KINFOLK
Sapporo's home HOKKAIDO
Screamingly funny AHOOT
Sliver TAD
Sponge SOT
Term for some morning deejays ZOOCREW
They're added in some infrastructure upgrades LANES
They're thrown over the shoulder KNAPSACKS
U.K. highway connecting London and Dover ATWO
United hub OHARE
Window coating? HOAR
___ Park MENLO
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