How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 02 2018

'Alas!' ahme
'Continue' uhhuh
'Foucault's Pendulum' author, 1988 eco
'I couldn't agree more!' amentothat
'That sounds awful' ohman
'Try me' shoot
'What is it?' yes
'___ Jacques' frere
'___ where it hurts!' hitem
A couple of times twice
Actor Elba idris
Apt name for a Braille instructor dot
Author of the 'Fear Street' series for young readers stine
Be relevant to bearon
Beats by ___ (headphones brand) dre
Bent over backward, in a way limboed
Bit of corruption bribe
Bit of P.R release
Bluish-green aqua
Body of water connected by canal to the Baltic whitesea
Bone: Prefix osteo
Bonnie and Clyde, e.g duo
Brat's opposite angel
Brightly colored blazer sun
British Bulldog : Churchill :: ___ : Thatcher ironlady
Brother of Dori and Nori in 'The Hobbit' ori
Businesswoman Lauder estee
College student's assignment dorm
Conductors' announcements stops
Country named for its latitude ecuador
Couple item
Cowardly Lion portrayer lahr
Cry of school spirit rah
Data storage items on the decline dvds
Defeat worst
Enthusiasts lovers
Et ___ alii
Fast one racer
Football units: Abbr yds
Frontier lights oillamps
Geometric prefix octa
Get straight unbend
Go wrong err
Govt. org. based in Ft. Meade, Md nsa
Greenish-brown hue hazel
Group of trees stand
Harmless weapons maker nerf
Hot ___ rod
Idiot, in Britspeak prat
Increasingly ripe, say redder
It's used to cite a site url
Italian 'il' or French 'le' the
Jump to conclusions assume
Knock over upset
Laid-back typeb
Lead-in to boy or girl atta
Leave fulfilled satiate
Less than perfect unideal
Like baseball's Durham Bulls aaa
Like sauvignon blanc dry
Like the Gregorian calendar solar
Mauna ___ loa
Mork's planet ork
Move turbulently roil
Neighbor of China laos
Ninny twit
North African land: Abbr alg
Not in any way nowise
Not use cursive print
Numbers to avoid nocalllist
Obie-winning playwright Will eno
One of four in a grand slam rbi
One of the o's in 'o/o' owner
Organ in the leg of a katydid, bizarrely ear
Ostentation glitz
Overjoy elate
Part of the eye cornea
Pipe cleaner drano
Popular dip salsa
Potential queens pawns
Prattle yak
Prefix with allergenic hypo
Prefix with stratus alto
Protein shell of a virus capsid
Quickened paces trots
Ragged tatty
Rank above maj ltcol
Rapidly spreading vine kudzu
Realm sphere
Relatives of emus rheas
Short strokes putts
Showdown in American history notlimahburr
Showdown in cinema ekuldarthvader
Showdown in classic video games oirambowser
Showdown in comic books namtabjoker
Showdown in Greek mythology suesehtminotaur
Showdown in literature etoxiuqwindmill
Showdown in the Bible divadgoliath
Showdown in the funnies ypoonsredbaron
Simple plant alga
Sister nun
Skilled laborer smith
Some petting zoo animals lambs
Some saber wielders jedi
Speaker of Welsh or Breton celt
Stefanik who is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress elise
Stereotypical therapist's response isee
Strong suit? armor
Sudden impulse whim
Suitable for a dieter, informally local
Surprising lack of Oscar recognition snub
TD Garden athlete bruin
Territory name until 1889 dakota
Tex-___ mex
They're found under a bridge nostrils
Tours can be seen on it loire
Traditional Christmas decoration holly
Triumph win
TV show set in William McKinley High School glee
Uncle, in Argentina tio
Under half of 45? bside
Undistinguished, as many a subdivision house cookiecutter
Unit of explosive power kiloton
University in Des Moines drake
Univs., e.g schs
Unswerving true
Vow oath
Wapitis elks
Wasn't struck down stood
Watson's company ibm
Wedding need ... or booking band
What 'Talk to the hand!' is an example of sass
What's used to row, row, row your boat oar
Word before right or rise all
Word of confirmation on a messaging app sent
Word that looks like its meaning when written in lowercase bed
Word with wonder or world small
Words after an interruption nowwherewasi
Wow amaze
___ bit ina
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