How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 28 2018

'After Earth' tarandfeather
'Be on the lookout' messages, for short apbs
'C'mon, be serious' dontplay
'Come again?' huh
'Get outta here!' run
'Grand Ole' venue opry
'Jeez!' sheesh
'Later, luv' tata
'Logic dictates ...' ergo
'Oh, quit being silly!' pooh
'¡Let's go!' vamos
Abbr. in many blood type names neg
Act obsequiously kowtow
Align syncup
Arizona capital of the Navajo Nation windowrock
Atlanta-based cable inits tbs
Blow out spew
Blue swaths on maps seas
Bridge-supporting frame trestle
Bristol, Conn.-based cable inits espn
Brother of Ham shem
Camping need tent
Campy 1972 vampire film blacula
Chinese New Year treat almondcookie
Chunks of land tracts
Closure opening? dis
Cockapoo or cockatoo, maybe pet
Coin in Köln euro
Cold and wet raw
Collaborative site wiki
Collect from the soil reap
Comment before 'I missed that' sorry
Commercial rhyme for 'Famous' amos
Cpls.' superiors sgts
Cross intersect
Dealership expanse lot
Debut, metaphorically bow
Director Van Sant gus
Do the wave? surf
Downfall in pinball tilt
Dulles designer eerosaarinen
Dwarf planet with more mass than Pluto eris
Fake sham
Farthest point in an orbit around the moon apolune
Forbiddance ban
French 101 verb etre
Game suggested by this puzzle's theme mixeddoubles
Garment worn by John Roberts that's hidden in his name robe
Get a ___ on someone read
Good throw? afghan
Growth ring rightandwrong
Grub eats
Gymnastics flip headspring
Half of dos uno
Hem but not haw? sew
Hero interred in Santa Clara, Cuba che
Hills with gentle slopes on one side and steep slopes on the other cuestas
I problem? ego
Imbroglio mess
It's usually put in the middle of a table ante
Japanese dogs with turned-up tails shibainus
Late hours heartandsoul
Leave quickly bolt
Like the simplest instructions onestep
Longtime singing talent show, familiarly idol
Lyrical lament elegy
Maker of the game Zaxxon sega
Masthead list, for short eds
Messes up errs
Midriff muscles, for short abs
Mop swab
More lit, perhaps sunnier
Music export from Tokyo, for short jpop
Musical Yoko ono
Neighbor of Wyo ida
Nickel-and-diming sort scrooge
Nirvana seeker yogi
Not able to catch something immune
Number two: Abbr asst
One of the Castros raul
Opinion take
Over done
Pad alternative tampon
Part of a 'Which came first?' dilemma theegg
Part of a Mario costume redhat
Part of a preschool day naptime
Pasta sauce brand ragu
Peace marches peachesandcream
Person to take complaints to, informally doc
Play starter? tele
Polo of 'The Fosters' teri
Poop out tire
Popular Dominican dance bachata
Pothead stoner
Princess who says 'I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board' leia
Prostates stopandstare
Quaint demographic grouping yuppies
R&B's ___ Hill dru
Racer Luyendyk arie
Reasons to do something pros
Relatively cool stellar phenomenon starspot
Rémy Martin product cognac
Result of a religious schism sect
Revved up amped
Rhyming nickname in Cardinals history stantheman
Sailor in the Navy bluejacket
Sand-burrowing marine creatures eels
Say whether or not you'll attend rsvp
Sci-fi C.G.I. creations ets
Sciences' counterpart arts
Seatbelt, e.g strap
Shed material fur
Singer Reese della
Sister and wife of Cronus, in myth rhea
Snatch cop
Some bathroom installations spas
Some flight board info etds
Sorority letter rho
Sou'wester sweetandsour
Suffix with methyl ene
Supplementary item addon
Taking care of things onit
Talk show host Cohen andy
Term in tennis, golf and baseball, all with different meanings ace
They follow oohs aahs
They might break out in hives bees
This woman she
Timeline part era
Trade punches standupandcheer
Transmits sends
Verdi tragedy otello
Vote in France non
What un desierto lacks agua
___ contendere nolo
___ Day vitamins onea
___ Germany east
___ interview exit
___ Lama dalai
___ Taurasi, all-time W.N.B.A. scoring leader diana
___-vaxxers anti
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