How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 25 2009

'99 Luftballons' pop group NENA
'I already ___' ATE
'L'heure d'___' (2008 Juliette Binoche film) ETE
'Much ___ About Nothing' ('The Simpsons' episode) APU
'My People' writer ABBAEBAN
'Sheesh!' OYVEY
'Stop your moping!' GETOVERIT
'___ all!' ('Fini!') DATS
'___ in ice' IAS
'___ thought' SOI
2016 Olympics locale RIO
Actor who said 'I'll make him an offer he can't refuse' PACINO
Actress Merrill DINA
Alternative to a wagon SEDAN
Aside from that ELSE
Asphalt, e.g. PAVE
Astronomer's sighting NOVA
Ballet jump JETE
Battery, e.g. TORT
Big name in hotels OMNI
Big name in tires DUNLOP
Big wheels UTES
Boneheads DUNCES
Bridge expert Culbertson ELY
Canada ___ GEESE
Capitalize on USE
Chemical coloring AZODYE
Christmas hours in N.Y.C. EST
Cockeyed ASKEW
Contraption GIZMO
Creator of Oz BAUM
Danny who directed 'Slumdog Millionaire' BOYLE
Dashboard stat MPH
Dick who was once House majority leader ARMEY
Dirty SOIL
Draws a parallel between EQUATES
End of the wish THATBUTITSTRUE
Endearing LOVABLE
Famous deerstalker wearer HOLMES
Flavor SAPOR
Flight board fig. ETD
Freud disciple Alfred ADLER
Garage container TOOLBOX
Germany's ___ von Bismarck OTTO
Got hitched SAIDIDO
Hack it COPE
Harvesters, e.g. ANTS
Hell's Angels, e.g. OXYMORON
Historic ship whose real name was Santa Clara NINA
Hot topic in insurance ARSON
Humana competitor AETNA
Hush-hush org. NSA
Impress permanently ETCH
Infiltrates, say ENTERS
It has ray flowers OXEYE
It seemingly never ends EON
It's got mayo ANO
Its motto is 'Under God, the people rule': Abbr. SDAK
John Elway, for the Broncos SEVEN
K'ung Fu-___ (Confucius) TSE
Kind of penguin ADELIE
Kind of tray INOUT
Lame excuse for missing homework ILOSTIT
Land, eventually ENDUP
Law, in Lima LEY
Like most music TONAL
Like some stockings SHEER
Like the best wallets? FATTEST
Long, long time ERA
Losing tic-tac-toe combo XOO
Lucy's guy DESI
Magazine for which 112-Across writes SPORTSILLUSTRATED
Magical symbol SIGIL
Malia's sister in the White House SASHA
Member of the Brew Crew, e.g. NLER
Memo intro INRE
Michelle of 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' YEOH
Middle-school Girl Scout CADETTE
Minotaur feet HOOVES
Monthly expenditures: Abbr. UTILS
More hairy SCARIER
More massive VASTER
Musical sense EAR
NBC football analyst/reporter and longtime writer PETERKING
Nickname of the Spice Girls' Sporty Spice MELC
Nita of silents NALDI
Noah Webster, for one DEFINER
Not in operation IDLE
Nothing, in Nantes RIEN
Obama's honorary deg. from Notre Dame LLD
Oxford, e.g. SHOE
Page, e.g. AIDE
Parliament output? ASH
Piazza dei Miracoli town PISA
Poem with the lines 'Nobody'll dare / Say to me, / 'Eat in the kitchen'' ITOO
Porcelain containers, maybe EWERS
Practice piece ETUDE
Prefix with valent TRI
Prince ___ Khan, third husband of Rita Hayworth ALY
Printer resolution meas. DPI
Pullover, e.g. KNIT
Refuse SCUM
Run of letters GHIJ
Sayin' no to AGIN
Secret event of '45 ATEST
Shady spot ARBOR
Soda bottle size ONELITER
Some Warped Tour attendees PUNKERS
Start of a wish by 112-Across on 9/21/09 MYGOALINLIFEIS
Starting from ASOF
Streamlets RILLS
Subject of many lies AGE
Sudan neighbor: Abbr. ETH
Table scrap ORT
Take for a spin TESTRIDE
The Gateway to the West: Abbr. STL
Time's 1986 Woman of the Year AQUINO
Toward the quiet side ALEE
Transition SEGUE
Tropical grassland SAVANNA
Violent behavior due to excessive use of banned athletic substances ROIDRAGE
What can one do? SOLO
Whirl ADO
Wish, part 2 TOBEACLUE
Wish, part 5 IVE
Words of agreement AYES
Working hours UPTIME
[Yuck ... that's awful!] GAG
___ bark beetle (pest) ELM
___ Errol, main character in 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' CEDRIC
___ Harbour (Miami suburb) BAL
___ of the Guard YEOMEN
___ Schneider, villainess in 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' ELSA
___ the Laborer, patron saint of farmers ISIDORE
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