How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 25 2002

'Let me show you how it's done' STEPASIDE
'Oliver!' composer BART
'The Alchemy of Finance' author George SOROS
'Thirtysomething' actor OLIN
'___ goes' SOIT
1958-71 political inits. UAR
1970's hairdo SHAG
2001 Grammy-winning band for the album 'Kid A' RADIOHEAD
38-Across catcher CAT
Al-___ ANON
Angle measurement symbol THETA
Artemis slew him ORION
Banquets SUPS
Bewhiskered trash collector RAT
Big game DEER
Browning pieces? TOASTERS
Butcher's offering RUMPROAST
Certain exhibition MENAGERIE
Coll. major ENG
Collectors' locales TOLLBOOTHS
Cooking fat SUET
Court figure STENO
Dura Lube alternative STP
End piece? OBIT
Excited, with 'up' HET
Expose, to poets OPE
Film role played by Skippy ASTA
First Holy Roman emperor OTHO
Fly (through) SAIL
Food chain? AANDP
For one PER
Goes over SPANS
Hardly heavy-footed SPRY
He wrote to his 'Immortal Beloved' BEETHOVEN
Humphrey Bogart's 'High Sierra' co-star IDALUPINO
Image maker TVSET
It rises in the Ardennes OISE
It's named after an opera star MELBATOAST
Its flag is a red stripe over a white stripe INDONESIA
Laughfest RIOT
Like some appetites WHETTED
Like some municipal bonds TAXEXEMPT
Long stretch EON
Maintain AVER
Mantel piece URN
Much the same ALOTALIKE
Near Eastern honorific AGA
Novelist Duun OLAV
Photo in an old album TINTYPE
Plank on a pitcher's mound EDDIE
Popular typeface GARAMOND
Publisher Ballantine IAN
Rate ___ (be perfect) ATEN
Reason to prolong play TIE
Robert Devereux's earldom ESSEX
See 27-Across STORY
Semiramis's subjects ASSYRIANS
Shiver-inducing GELID
Simmers STEWS
Slap target, sometimes WRIST
Some sneaks NIKES
Something staked CLAIM
Stretch out, in Scotland RAX
Talked about INTHENEWS
The Greek poet Babrius versified his stories AESOP
W.W. I plane SPAD
Where John McCain was shot down HANOI
With 15-Down, low ONE
Words after a digression WHEREWASI
Works with a plane SMOOTHENS
___ War BOER
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