How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 25 1998

'Able was I ___...' ERE
'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' author KENKESEY
'Rule, Britannia' composer ARNE
'The Merchant of Venice' maid NERISSA
'The Waste Land' inits. TSE
'Venus' singer AVALON
7 Eleven cooler SLURPEE
A turn-on LSD
Ages EON
Appear SEEM
Appetizer often eaten with the hands EGGROLL
Applies USES
Athos, to Aramis AMI
Banned: Var. TABU
Basalt source LAVA
Bath item TILE
Be rude at the dinner table GRAB
Be sparing with SKIMPON
Bodybuilders' targets PECS
Break an Xmas rule PEEK
Bret Maverick's brother BART
Brooding sorts HENS
Burden ONUS
Calls for Pavarotti BRAVOS
Capitol feature DOME
Catty remarks MEOWS
Cheerleader's characteristic VIM
Christmas in Catania NATALE
City on the Brazos WACO
Classic street liners ELMS
Club ___ SODA
Comic's favorite sound HAHA
Danny and Stubby KAYES
Deli request BLT
Deliberate SLOW
Detroit debacle EDSEL
Distinctive individuals ONERS
Dolls of the 80's ETS
Dolly ___ of 'Hello, Dolly!' LEVI
Double-curved molding OGEE
Doubleday and Yokum ABNERS
Dreyfus trial locale RENNES
Emulate Groucho Marx OGLE
Escapes AVOIDS
Esteemed smoke HAVANA
Exaggerate OVERDO
Expert dealmaker CLOSER
Explore GOINTO
Fa follower SOL
Far from glitzy MODEST
Fate of Wednesday's child WOE
Faulkner's '___ Lay Dying' ASI
Fizzle DUD
Foot part INSTEP
Football mascot ARMYMULE
For whom nothing's good enough SNOB
Gamepieces MEN
Giuseppe's God DIO
Gives the slip EVADES
Goes out, in a way DIES
Good party BLAST
Guarantees ASSURES
Halloween correspondent? GHOSTWRITER
Halloween event? MONSTERSALE
Halloween music? HAUNTINGMELODY
Halloween note? CRYPTICMESSAGE
Halloween pub offerings? WITCHESBREWS
Halloween sprees? VAMPIREBATS
Halloween topic? GRAVEMATTER
Halloween workers? SKELETONCREW
High-powered personality TYPEA
Hightails it LAMS
Irish seaport SLIGO
It's perfect TEN
Jimmy Stewart syllables AWS
John's 'Grease' co-star OLIVIA
Kind of bag or chest ICE
King Cole's fiddlers, e.g. THREE
Lab slide objects, often AMEBAE
Laugh, in Lyon RIS
League members TEAMS.
League members TEAMS
Letters found in underwear BVD
Like a symbol ICONIC
Like the Columbia River DAMMED
Mainz Mr. HERR
Mme., abroad SRA
Mochrie of the L.P.G.A. DOTTIE
Money in the news EUROS
Move obliquely SIDLE
Mrs. Marcos of the Philippines IMELDA
Nagging pain, perhaps VIRAGO
Not going anywhere STALLED
Oddball WEIRDO
One of a Latin trio AMAS
One-seventh of a semana DIA
Our planet, to the French TERRE
Part of Caesar's boast ISAW
Part of R.S.V.P. VOUS
Pat Nixon's maiden name RYAN
Peak in the skyline STEEPLE
Persian's foe MEDE
Place for jewelry EAR
Place to sing PEW
Play-___ DOH
Porter ALE
Possibilities IFS
Prop for a ball scene TIARA
Reason for a spring ceremony OSCAR
Red Bordeaux MEDOC
Remain at home STAYIN
Rodeo equipment RIATAS
S. J. Perelman's 'The Road to ___' MILTOWN
Salt TAR
Shade of blue TEAL
She had a 'Tootsie' role TERIGARR
Show obeisance KNEEL
Sleep time SIESTA
Solar ___ SYSTEM
Songlike ARIOSE
Spanish sherry AMOROSO
Special Forces trademark BERET
Spellbound RAPT
Spots before your eyes ADS
Startup funds? DOWRIES
Sterile BARREN
Suffix with spinner ETTE
Swirled EDDIED
Sword-and-sandal flick EPIC
Table linen fabric DAMASK
Tailor's line SEAM
Vietnamese New Year TET
Wagnerian heroine ISOLDE
Wall Streeter Boesky IVAN
Way to go, in Paris METRO
Word from a pointer YON
___ City, oater locale DODGE
___ Cove, 'Murder, She Wrote' locale CABOT
___ law (1840's discovery) OHMS
___ vez (again, in Acapulco) OTRA
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