How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 20 1999

'...___ do better!' ICAN
'Gloria in excelsis ___' DEO
'My boy' SON
'The Faerie Queene' division CANTO
'Time in a Bottle' singer CROCE
'___ magnifique!' TRES
500 spot INDY
Abominable HORRID
Aegean vacation locale CRETE
And others, for short ETAL
Become balanced EVENOUT
Before: Abbr. PREV
Bit attachment REIN
Bomber name ENOLA
Broadcast AIRED
Caravansary INN
Challenge for a nonnative speaker IDIOM
Check cashers' cards IDS
Coming up AHEAD
Command to Rover SPEAK
Confess TELL
E.P.A. concern SMOG
Emmy-winning Tyne DALY
Endless years AEON
Fishing need ROD
Fort ___ (gold repository) KNOX
Gentle breeze ZEPHYR
Goes underground HIDES
Good going down TASTY
Grab (onto) GLOM
Hardly important MINOR
Heckling sounds HOOTS
Horned thing? DILEMMA
Horse of a certain color ROAN
In a while ANON
Indicate DENOTE
Initiation procedure RITE
Insecticide target APHID
Insulting remark SLUR
Intertwine ENLACE
Izmir inhabitant TURK
John of rock ELTON
Lead singer for the Belmonts DION
Legal rights org. ACLU
Lifesaver, e.g. HERO
Like Mother Cabrini SAINTED
Like Vikings NORSE
Lots of laughs RIOT
Make change? MINT
Marquand sleuth MOTO
Modeling asset POISE
Money substitute SCRIP
Multivolume ref. work OED
New Year's popper CORK
Orchard item PEAR
Pine (for) ACHE
Place to play blackjack RENO
Pull out EXTRACT
Restless desire ITCH
Run off at the mouth NATTER
Screech SHRIEK
See 17-Across MEDICATION
Sewing machine inventor HOWE
Sleeper or smoker CAR
Snafu MESS
Spread served in bars OLEO
Srs.' worry SATS
Start of many limericks THERE
Subsequently SINCE
Suffix on era names ZOIC
Tend, as a fire STOKE
Truck stop order HASH
Velvet pile NAP
Where Lima is OHIO
With 38- and 62-Across, why the maharishi refused Novocain HEWANTEDTO
___ Royale National Park ISLE
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