How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 18 2017

'Can you do me a ___?' SOLID
'Deadly' septet SINS
'Dexter' channel, in TV listings SHO
'Life is a kind of ___': Benjamin Franklin CHESS
'Noises ___' (1982 farce featuring a play within a play) OFF
1944 battle locale STLO
Accountant's shares in a company? SUMMERSTOCK
Add and then stir MIXIN
Allen's replacement on 'The Tonight Show' PAAR
Area in front of the front row of a theater APRON
Bowser's warning WOOF
Broadway's '___ Joey' PAL
Cameo role, typically WALKON
Comfy slip-ons MOCS
Crime show figure COP
Cut into bits DICED
Daniel who wrote 'Flowers for Algernon' KEYES
Decision to go with drapes instead of blinds? CURTAINCALL
Engineered food, briefly GMOS
Errand runner, maybe AIDE
Fly fisherman? CASTPARTY
Get to ANNOY
Gillette razors ATRAS
Group reporting to Eliot Ness TMEN
Individual SELF
Info that might be given with a gate change ETA
Law regarding access for the handicapped, for short ADA
Lead-in to Geo NAT
Leader with a title derived from the name 'Caesar' TSAR
Like Falstaff FAT
Like groaner humor CORNY
Like some nasty winter weather SLEETY
Lip-smackin' good TASTY
Lure with a phony online persona CATFISH
Many babysitters' rules NONOS
Mater ___ (title for Mary) DEI
Nanki-Poo's pursuer in 'The Mikado' KATISHA
Nine-time baseball All-Star nicknamed 'The Cuban Comet' MINOSO
Obama's birthplace OAHU
Once ___ while INA
Ones calling out the rowing rhythm COXES
Only N.F.L. team with a perfect season DOLPHINS
Outstanding Supporting ___ ACTOR
Pad see ew cuisine THAI
Painting on dry plaster SECCO
Paper deliverer's assignment ROUTE
Pesto ingredients PINENUTS
Pioneering botanist ASAGRAY
Play thing PROP
Private eye, in old slang TEC
Question of false modesty MOI
Ready to burst PENTUP
Response to 'You hurt?' IMOK
Salad green KALE
Sea eagles ERNES
Slapstick specialty SPITTAKE
Some native Nebraskans OTOES
Some pullovers POLOS
State tree of Iowa OAK
Surprise declaration at the altar IDONT
Surrounded by AMID
Swiss waterway AAR
Tease relentlessly RAG
Telethon giveaway TOTE
Therefore HENCE
They may clash in a theater EGOS
Tiny bits IOTAS
Trail guide user HIKER
TV's 'The Crown' or 'Dexter' DRAMA
Vessel that measured 300 x 50 x 30 cubits ARK
Why one missed the coach? STAGELEFT
Word after test or web SITE
Yoga accessory MAT
___ Miss OLE
___ Romeo ALFA
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