How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 18 2009

'... ___ should I' NOR
'Big' number in college athletics TEN
'Eldorado' grp. ELO
'Frasier' role DAPHNE
'Huh?' WHA
'May I ___ question?' ASKA
'No seats left' SRO
'Rebel Without a Cause' actress NATALIEWOOD
'Time out!' signal TEE
'Today' rival, for short GMA
'What's going ___ there?' ONIN
'___ party time!' ITS
*'Before the Mirror' MANET
*'Composition 8' KANDINSKY
*'Green Violinist' CHAGALL
*'Head and Shell' ARP
*'Mandolin and Guitar' PICASSO
*'Peasant With Hoe' SEURAT
*'Seated Woman, Wiping Her Left Side' DEGAS
*'Tableau 2' MONDRIAN
*'The Antipope' ERNST
1970s TV production co. MTM
2000s TV family SOPRANOS
45 players HIFIS
Angela Merkel's one EINE
Autumn ESPN highlights TDS
B.O. purchases TIX
Be hung over, e.g. AIL
Bête ___ NOIRE
Bygone channel UPN
California wind SANTAANA
Canadian-born hockey great ORR
Castle security system MOAT
Clytemnestra, to Agamemnon SPOUSE
Code-cracking grp. NSA
Common middle name for a girl ANN
Controversial form that 43-Down used for 23-/29-Across SPIRALSHAPE
Cross shape TAU
Director Lee ANG
Dog-___ EARED
Drinks of liquor POTATIONS
Drops from the sky RAIN
Early spring feast SEDER
Enters leisurely EASESIN
Epps of 'House' OMAR
Flambé, say LIT
Flight LAM
Game in which players subtract from a starting score of 501 DARTS
Gazes at OGLES
Good lookers HOTTAMALES
Gospel singer Franklin ERMA
Gov't investments TNOTES
Grand THOU
Horse and buggy RIG
House call? YEA
In need of blusher, say WAN
In order (to) SOAS
Jazz standard whose title is repeatedly sung after 'Honey ...' DEEDIDO
Jewelry firm since 1842 FABERGE
Joy of 'The View' BEHAR
Just love ADORE
Landlocked European SERB
Latin 101 verb ESSE
Leaden, in London GREY
Legal org. ABA
Lepidopterist's study MOTH
Letter-shaped construction pieces IBARS
Life preserver, e.g. TORUS
Light planes CESSNAS
Like 43-Down's design for 23-/29-Across NONTRADITIONAL
Like a bond you can buy with security? AAA
Like some traffic THRU
Like some YouTube videos VIRAL
Lo-___ RES
Lummoxes OAFS
Many a perfume SPRAY
Many a school fund-raiser RAFFLE
Medium strength? ESP
Midori on ice ITO
Miff IRK
Needing a massage, say TENSE
New Deal inits. TVA
North end? ERN
Old credit-tracking corp. TRW
Old defense grp. SEATO
One at risk of excommunication HERETIC
One for the money? UNUM
One who gets a lot of return business? TAXPREPARER
One who works on a grand scale? PIANOTUNER
Operatic prince IGOR
Org. setting workplace rules OSHA
Pain in the neck ACHE
Paris's ___ Saint-Louis ILE
Part of some Bibles: Abbr. APOC
Perfectly timed ONCUE
Philharmonic sect. STR
Place for a stamp VISA
Player of one of the women in Robert Altman's '3 Women' SISSYSPACEK
Poetic contraction NEER
Ready-go go-between SET
Rewards of a political machine PATRONAGE
Roman household god LAR
Savor, in a way SIP
Schindler of 'Schindler's List' OSKAR
Scholarly ERUDITE
School popular in the 1920s BAUHAUS
See 23-Across MUSEUM
Shell food? EGGS
Short swim ONELAP
Showing surprise AGAPE
Shrub that may cause a severe allergic reaction SUMAC
Site of Spain's Alamillo Bridge SEVILLE
Sixth-brightest star in the sky RIGEL
Skinny DOPE
Small island CAY
Sorts ILKS
Spanish tidbit TAPA
Start of a common run ABCD
Station POST
Subject of the Joni Mitchell song 'Amelia' EARHART
Sue Grafton's '___ for Ricochet' RIS
Swedish company with a catalog IKEA
Symbols like @ ATS
Turkish bigwig PASHA
Turned off ALIENATED
U.S.P.S. deliveries LTRS
Use (up), as time EAT
V.P. during the Cuban missile crisis LBJ
Verb with 'vous' ETES
Viking ship item OAR
Vintage Tonka toy SEMITRAILER
Water swirl EDDY
Westernmost avenue in Santa Monica, Calif. OCEAN
With 29-Across, holder of the works named in the nine starred clues, celebrating its 50th anniversary on 10/21/09 THESOLOMONRGUGGENHEIM
With 43-Down, what 23-/29-Across was FINALMAJORWORKOF
Words from Charlie Brown UGHS
Year Columbus died MDVI
___'acte ENTR
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