How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 18 1998

'Bali ___' HAI
'Jo's Boys' author ALCOTT
'You ___ Beautiful' ARESO
'___ Little Tenderness' TRYA
-to-be ELECT
1949-51 N.B.A. top scorer George MIKAN
1977 Broadway hit ANNIE
50's failures EDSELS
800-year-old work on mythology EDDA
A Batman before George VAL
A lot of bucks DEER
A surgeon was the ___ OPENINGACT
Actor Fernando et al. REYS
Actress Charlotte RAE
Another surgeon had the audience ___ INSTITCHES
Antler's point TINE
At the highest development RIPEST
Beer name since 1889 PABST.
Beer name since 1889 PABST
Bernhardt contemporary of old theater DUSE
Big name in fashion ARMANI
Bit of Indonesian money SEN
Brand with 'churning power' DRANO
Bric-a-___ BRAC
Bull's-eye DIRECTHIT
Burrows DENS
Buttermilk's companion TRIGGER
Calendar abbr. DEC
Capital of ancient Assyria NINEVEH
Carved pillar STELA
Certain Ford, briefly MERC
Common Latin verb AMO
Comparison's middle ASA
Completion of Robt.'s signature ELEE
Country next to Yugo. ALB
Dancer director? SANTA
Deep ditches MOATS
Dig, so to speak ADORE
Early Virginia settler ROLFE
Easter fleur LIS
Edgar, e.g. AWARD
Elusive one EEL
Engine sound PING
Engine sound COUGH
Enlighten EDIFY
Exchange activities TRADES
Expansion of a sort BULGE
Fed. property overseer GSA
Fed. property overseer GSA.
Fictional Marner SILAS
Fighting force ARMADA
First name at the U.N. DAG
Flower with a showy head ASTER
Following AFTER
Formerly, formerly ERST
French links ETS
Frequent fliers SSTS
Get out the tough dirt spots REMOP
Get ticked off SEERED
Glitch BUG
Golf score range, with 'the' SEVENTIES
Grant portrayer ASNER
Gretzky and Ewing CENTERS
Hajji's destination MECCA
Handle, in a way REP
Hardly a hipster NERD
Historic beginning PRE
Hoops legend, familiarly DRJ
Hostess Perle MESTA
Hush-hush D.C. org. NSA
It's a relief ASPIRIN
Kind of bean PINTO
Kind of territory ENEMY
Knocked out AWED
Leaf pore STOMA
Least typical ODDEST
Legal proceeding, at law ACTIO
Log-towing barge PULLBOAT
Longtime magazine subscriber RENEWER
Mangel-wurzel BEET
Mark McGwire, e.g. NLER
May birthstone EMERALD
Miracle worker? FAKIR
Nationality suffix ESE
Nonchalance EASE
One place to get scores ESPN
Onetime rival of Bjorn ILIE
Place for posers? ARTCLASS
Plant with a bitter fruit CRABTREE
Pretentious ARTSY
Prunes, in a way EDITS
Quagmire MARSH.
Quagmire FEN
Quagmire MARSH
Rubberneck STARE
Russian Revolution figure PEASANT
Seasonal purchase FIR
See 37-Down ORO
Senator of Watergate fame ERVIN
Series opener? WORLD
Shed ___ ATEAR
Singer DiFranco ANI
Six-time home run champ OTT
Small cashews, say NUTLETS
Some film ratings PGS
Some reunion gatherers AUNTS
Song words before 'a rock' and 'the walrus' IAM
Southeastern Conf. team LSU
Street boss MASON
Summit refusal? NYET
Swinging, perhaps ATBAT
Switch ups? ONS
Tannery employee DYER
The allergist's monologue drew a ___ BADREACTION
The anesthesiologist's shtick was ___ NOSENSATION
The cardiologist's routine was a little ___ OFFBEAT
The dermatologist came out with a ___ RASHOFONELINERS
The gastroenterologist got many ___ BELLYLAUGHS
The obstetrician had ___ THEBESTDELIVERY
The orthopedist went on stage after a ___ SHORTBREAK
The plastic surgeon's humor gave the audience a ___ BIGLIFT
The podiatrist told a few ___ CORNYJOKES
They often itemize CPAS
Time before EVE
Tittered TEHEED
To bits APART
TV dog REN
Upset SORE
Valuable rocks ORE
Verdun's river MEUSE
W.W. II battle site STLO
Wax producer BEE
With 85-Down, part of Western Sahara RIODE
Woman's garment CAMISOLE
Words before Z ATO
Words from Caesar ICAME
Yom Kippur congregant ATONER
___ water INHOT
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