How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 15 1999

'...___ saw Elba' EREI
'But of course!' AHA
'With ___ of thousands' ACAST
1990's music genre TECHNO
1999 hit comedy AMERICANPIE
A clown may wear it EEE
Actor whose first credited role was in 'Rumble Fish' NICOLASCAGE
Actress Madlyn RHUE
Actress Merrill DINA
Ammo in game hunting BUCKSHOT
Architectural pier ANTA
Bouncing off the walls RICOCHETING
Cartoonist Jerry, co-creator of Superman SIEGEL
Case of papers ATTACHE
Cause of colonial unrest STAMPACT
City southeast of Fort Dodge AMES
Common girl's middle name MAE
Country name that follows O CANADA
Crystal GLASS
Energetic TIRELESS
Enrichment course ELECTIVE
Familiar photo credit UPI
Foreman's superior ALI
German whine ACH
Ghostlike ASHEN
He played Archer Maggott in 'The Dirty Dozen' TELLYSAVALAS
Help in climbing SHERPA
High and mighties ELITES
Home of Dickinson College CARLISLE
It can be canned APPLAUSE
It takes place in the dark SEANCE
Kind of passages NASAL
Lao-___ TSE
Like Nod, to Eden EAST
Like some plants POTTED
Line of type SERIF
Lucifer, for one FALLENANGEL
Make out ESPY
Midmorning TEN
Mountain path site PASS
New Deal prog. WPA
One way to get to work VANPOOL
Part of a policeman's training CPR
Piece in the game Stratego FLAG
Poker variation, informally HILO
Prewar activity ARMING
Priestly vestments AMICES
Quarter of a mille CCL
Settles down for the night ENCAMPS
Shows displeasure with SNARLSAT
Syncopated musical rhythms HEMIOLAS
Take to one's room SEEIN
The bereaved feel it ASENSEOFLOSS
They come in sheets MICAS
Turns sharply ZIGS
TV sites DENS
Ump's call TIME
Univ. of Virginia player CAV
Up for grabs OPEN
Utter gibberish INCOHERENCE
Weed whacker SICKLE
Whack BAT
What this isn't THAT
Without dissent ASONE
Word repeated after 'Que' SERA
Workplace regulator, for short OSHA
Yuletide NOEL
___-Magnon CRO
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