How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 14 2009

'Frasier' role ROZ
'My mama done ___ me' TOL
'Now I get it!' AHA
'___ Inside' (slogan) INTEL
1975 musical with the song 'Believe in Yourself,' with 'The' WIZ
Alternative to Rover or Rex SPORT
Analgesic's target PAIN
Arrestable offense CRIME
Atom ___, 1960s cartoon superhero ANT
Attacked RANAT
Banned apple spray ALAR
Became engaged MESHED
Biting ACRID
Blow the whistle on EXPOSE
Butcher's stock MEAT
Coffee grounds and orange peels, typically WASTE
Cook's wear APRON
Desolate STARK
Dress not for the self-conscious MINI
Dry run TEST
Endless years EON
Essence of a person, one might say DNA
Fill by force CRAM
Fillers of library shelves TOMES
Founder and first queen of Carthage DIDO
Gallows-shaped letter GAMMA
Get an eyeful SEE
Hazardous RISKY
In a bit ANON
In accordance with PER
Inflicted upon DIDTO
Italian diminutive ending INI
Massachusetts getaway, with 'the' CAPE
Nervous mannerism TIC
Non-pro? ANTI
Not native ALIEN
On the double APACE
Paper size: Abbr. LTR
Part of B.P.O.E. ELKS
Passion ZEAL
Perform very well SHINE
Perle who inspired 'Call Me Madam' MESTA
Piece of music OPUS
Plow man DEERE
Reply to the Little Red Hen NOTI
Sarah Jessica of 'Sex and the City' PARKER
Scepter toppers ORBS
Sculpting medium ICE
Shorten the sleeves on, e.g. ALTER
Sign up ENROL
Sing the praises of EXTOL
Slalom section ESS
Sondheim's '___ the Woods' INTO
Stand buy ADE
Standard of perfection IDEAL
Subject of some tables TIDE
Tap trouble DRIP
Tartan pattern ARGYLE
Tease mercilessly, with 'on' RAG
Teeming ASWARM
The Caribbean, for one SEA
Thickset STOUT
Tue. plus two THU
Univac's predecessor ENIAC
Washington chopping down the cherry tree, e.g. LORE
What summers do ADD
What this puzzle's four missing clues spell, in order PUBLICEDUCATION
Wild ass ONAGER
Wise old Greek NESTOR
Wood-smoothing tool ADZ
Wriggly fish EEL
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