How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 11 1998

'Is that a ___?' FACT
'M*A*S*H' logo, e.g. STENCIL
'No sirree' NAW
'Ragtime' writer DOCTOROW
1967 U.S. clay court champion ASHE
1970's P.M. MEIR
Absorbed, as a cost ATE
Already in Paris DEJA
Aquarium fish TETRA
Art Deco illustrator ERTE
Basketwork fiber ISTLE
Bequeath LEAVE
Big display ECLAT
Brought (in) REELED
CD-___ ROM
Cheat on TWOTIME
Cheer at the end of a dance OLE
City in central Israel LOD
Classify PEG
Collector's stash TROVE
Command for D.D.E. ETO
Computer typesetter ENTERER
Conceive IDEATE
Cookie ___ MONSTER
Cup part BRIM
D.C. body SEN
Deal preceder ANTE
Deplorably poor SAD
Discrimination TASTE
Divine DOWSE
Draws out EDUCES
Dreadlocks feature PLAT
Dutch landscapist ___ Mauve ANTON
Easily tamed bird EMU
Eats voraciously SCARFS
Edvard Munch Museum site OSLO
European auto import OPEL
Ferocity RAGE
Ferrara family name ESTE
First name in westerns CLINT
Follower of Jean? ETTE
Four-time Japanese prime minister ITO
French possessive SES
Golf ball position LIE
Got on AGED
Graspers TONGS
Greet warmly at the door ASKIN
Ground breaker HOE
Gunfire sound RATATAT
Had a row? OARED
Hand holder? MITT
Hand tool that uses compression AIRGUN
Hires, e.g. ROOTBEER
Holliday partner EARP
Hot under the collar TEEDOFF
Inits. on a rocket USA
Is down with HAS
Island southeast of Grenada TOBAGO
It's often heard on Sun. SER
Javits Center architect PEI
Jessica or Hope LANGE
John in court DOE
Kaput OVER
Kind of belt BORSCHT
Lake activity BOATING
Leg up EDGE
Like antiques at an auction RESOLD
Like many an old bucket OAKEN
Like the fox among all beasts SLIEST
Like the Titanic UNDERSEA
List ender ETAL
Literary inits. TSE
Lots and lots MYRIADS
Make over REDO
Meaning of two dots and a bar, in music REPEAT
More sloping SLANTIER
More than forgetful SENILE
Mother a pane in the backside? REARWINDSHIELD
Mother a pasty vassal? BRINGUPASTICKYSUBJECT
Mother some babblers? FOSTERBROOKS
Mother someone who's really awful? RAISEABIGSTINK
Mother too much? TENDTOEXCESS
Mothering sort DOTER
Near ___ EAST
Not cultured COARSE
Not fooled by ONTO
Nothing on the court LOVE
One that sheds MOLTER
Pack-'em-in children's game SARDINES
Parade decoration STREAMER
Parodies APES
Part of a pilot's plan: Abbr. ETA
Parts of a 95-Across SECS
Party times EVES
Persian Gulf sight OILER
Phosphate, e.g. ESTER
Physicist who pioneered electromagnetism OERSTED
Poet Thaxter CELIA
Pontiac classics GTOS
Prevent from practicing DISBAR
Record making NOTING
Remained SAT
Reno and Kennedy, e.g.: Abbr. AGS
Rock and roll prerequisite BEAT
Rock's ___ Speedwagon REO
Salty sauce SOY
Scout groups DENS
See 114-Down AREA
See 17-Down MIN
Sign of healing SCAB
Soprano in 'Louise' IRMA
Soundless communication: Abbr. ASL
Stamina, so to speak LEGS
Straw-colored FLAXEN
Sudden burst GUST
Suffix with hotel IER
Superhero accessory CAPE
Tease RIB
They have no sting DRONES
They're big in boardrooms EGOS
Toast topper OLEO
Top-drawer AONE
Twisted WRY
Two caplets, e.g. DOSE
Up to, informally TIL
Whaler's wear OILSKIN
With 113-Down, a roadside sight REST
Work unit ERG
Working, in a way KNEADING
___-mo SLO
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