How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 10 1999

'B.C.' abode CAVE
'Oops!' to a paramecium? HOWCILIAME
'Tantum ___' (part of a Eucharist hymn) ERGO
'The other white meat' PORK
'Tom Jones' script writer John ___ OSBORNE
1997 basketball film AIRBUD
A hydrogen atom has one PROTON
Abbr. on egg cartons USDA
Accumulation STACK
An obese Lugosi? BELATHEBALL
Anesthetic, once COCAINE
Animal handler TAMER
Applications USES
Aspersion SLUR
Author O'Brien EDNA
Basic shelters LEANTOS
Biblical food fight? MANNAWAR
British poet laureate Nahum TATE
C.D., for one ACCT
Cadillac driven by Monica's interviewer? THEBARBARASEVILLE
Cathartic drug SENNA
Celebrants' wear ALBS
Celtics' Archibald NATE
Certain thallophytes ALGAE
Cinco follower SEIS
Classic prefix NEO
Coastal town crier SEAGULL
Costing a fish two fins? TOTHETUNATENBUCKS
Covered for court ROBED
Cry with catches SOB
Cutups at a record company? DECCACARDS
Deserve EARN
Did lining RULED
Digs of twigs NEST
Diplomatic trait TACT
Dried, maybe WIPED
Edgar and Hugo, e.g. AWARDS
Entice BAIT
Express regret MOAN
Feature of some winds REED
Fix firmly RIVET
Fixes firmly GLUES
Get cracking, in a way HATCH
Good fight, in old Rome? BONACONTENTION
Grate stuff SOOT
Greeting from Pooh HALLO
Gumption SPINE
He 'spoke' for Bergen SNERD
He hides in kids' books WALDO
He was more than a neigh-sayer MRED
Hightail it SCOOT
Ho's hi's ALOHAS
Hockey's Mikita STAN
Holiday music BLUES
Hotel room fixtures, for short ACS
Hunter a k a Ed McBain EVAN
Ices, perhaps NUMBS
Imitation MOCK
Indian valuable BEAD
It's saved by E-mail POSTAGE
James Michener narrative IBERIA
Java neighbor BALI
K-O filler LMN
Know-it-all WISEACRE
Know-nothing DOPE
Laura who plays Dr. Weaver on 'ER' INNES
Lemur's hangout TREE
Libertine ROUE
Mandel of 'St. Elsewhere' HOWIE
Mountain crest ARETE
Musicians' behavior, in the end? CODACONDUCT
N.F.L. coach Don SHULA
Neighbor of Turkey ARMENIA
New York hoopster KNICK
Nord's oppostie SUD
Of a pelvic bone ILIAC
Olympics athlete Carl LEWIS
One's own, for a starter IDIO
Ones sticking their necks out to entertain? SITARS
Others at the Alhambra OTROS
Parenthetical lines ASIDES
Parked oneself SAT
Phenomenon such as ESP PSI
Pianist Dame Myra HESS
Polynesian carving TIKI
Pre-med course: Abbr. ANAT
Prefix with second NANO
Purim's month ADAR
Quartet on a Quattro TIRES
Raven sounds CAWS
Regarding INRE
Rescuers SAVIORS
Saul's successor DAVID
Scolding syllable TUT
Seed scar HILUM
Selene's counterpart LUNA
Shawm descendant OBOE
Skirt feature SLIT
Slide specimen SMEAR
Smash really bad TOTAL
Social surroundings MILIEU
Some stars BETAS
Songwriter Sammy CAHN
Speck IOTA
Spin tail? STER
Squire BEAU
Streetcar TRAM
String quartet member VIOLA
Subject to court proceedings TRIABLE
Taken ___ ABACK
Takes steps ACTS
Teen faves IDOLS
Teller of secrets, in a saying BIRDIE
The Flintstones' pet DINO
They give sum help? ABACI
Thick-trunked tree BAOBAB
This, to Luis ESTE
Tropical vine LIANA
Trunk with a chest TORSO
Twisty-horned antelope ELAND
U.S. trading partner, formerly EEC
Unprofessional, slangily BUSH
Unusual brass polish? TUBATOOTHPASTE
Ventilating slat LOUVER
Verve ELAN
Voiced pauses ERS
Welcome sites OASES
Whack BOP
What a citizen like Galileo had? PISAMIND
When Plácido Domingo was born ENERO
Whopper toppers ONIONS
Word ending many company names SON
Word on some Procter and Gamble lotions OLAY
World's longest wooden roller coaster, located in Cincinnati THEBEAST
___ Belt (constellation feature) ORIONS
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