How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 09 2016

'Always be a poet, even in ___': Baudelaire PROSE
'Goodness!' OHME
'Later' PEACE
'Look!,' to Livy ECCE
'Poor Richard's Almanack' offering ADAGE
'That's it for me' IMDONE
'This I Promise You' band, 2000 NSYNC
'Tis the season NOEL
'Truly' ITSSO
'Well, blimey!' ISAY
'___ and the Pussycats' JOSIE
'___ as well' IMAY
'___ out!' (ump's cry) YER
'___ to Psyche' ODE
A ___ apple ASIN
Actress Amanda of 'She's the Man' BYNES
Added details ANDS
Army E-6s: Abbr SSGTS
Astrobiologists' org SETI
Barista's big reveal? THELATTESHOW
Be in harmony JIBE
Beats handily SPANKS
Biblical kingdom EDOM
Billiards need RACK
Bit of attire for Roy Rogers BOLOTIE
Brand in the freezer aisle EGGO
British terminals? ZEDS
Burdened (with) SADDLED
Camera setting AUTO
Canine command SIT
Cara of 'Fame' IRENE
Chef Boyardee offering RAVIOLI
Child in Chile NINO
Coasters, e.g RIDES
Cold War land: Abbr SSR
Cold War side REDS
Company near the start of the telephone book listings AAMCO
Cool, in old slang PHAT
Country music's Colter JESSI
Crank NUT
Crusader's foe SARACEN
Cry after an owie, maybe MOMMY
Cry at a card table GIN
D.O.J. figures AGS
Darn, e.g SEW
Daughter of Tantalus NIOBE
Declaration at Ringo's birth? ASTARRISBORN
Divisions of office bldgs STES
Emergency state CRISISMODE
Eye: Sp OJO
Fall guy SAP
Football Hall-of-Famer Tarkenton FRAN
Forum greeting AVE
Frank who was called the 'Electric Don Quixote' ZAPPA
Freezer items ICETRAYS
French bachelor? HOMMEALONE
Gets back (to), in a way RSVPS
Humpty Dumpty-shaped OVOID
Indo-___ ARYAN
It might start 'Attn.' MEMO
Katniss's love in 'The Hunger Games' PEETA
Large sea snails TRITONS
Law office staffers, informally PARAS
Lead-in to -drome AERO
Little 'un TOT
Longtime '60 Minutes' reporter STAHL
Loud sound in a storm CLAP
Magazine founder Eric UTNE
Many tenured profs PHDS
Masked hero ZORRO
Mediterranean land: Abbr ISR
Member of the genus Vipera ADDER
Members of la familia TIAS
Menace in 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea' GIANTSQUID
Money in Oregon state coffers? SALEMSLOOT
Monthly check-issuing org SSA
Morning ___ ZOO
Mountain nymph OREAD
Nickname for DiMaggio JOLTINJOE
Old Olds ALERO
Old Turkish commander AGA
One working for Supercuts? AMERICANSNIPPER
Online shoppers' destination EMALL
Other than that ELSE
Own, so to speak DOMINATE
Pacific farewells ALOHAS
Part of a boot TOE
Part of an ignition system ROTOR
Parthenon feature FRIEZE
Pays a short visit STOPSIN
Philosophical lead-in to -ism TAO
Photographer's impossible task? ASHOOTINTHEDARK
Politico Paul RYAN
Post-Neolithic period IRONAGE
Prefix with -therm ISO
Program file suffix EXE
Put-away shot SMASH
Quick signature: Abbr INITS
Radii partners ULNAE
Redbox offerings DVDS
Relatives BLOOD
River spanned by the Pont Neuf SEINE
San Diego State athlete AZTEC
Search for a really funny person? HOOTPURSUIT
See what one is saying? LIPREAD
Send, as payment REMIT
Serengeti roamer ORYX
Serengeti roamer GNU
Singer LaBelle PATTI
Slightly off ASKEW
Slim beachwear THONG
Smaller picture INSET
Some test results, for short IQS
Son of Sir Lancelot GALAHAD
Spade holder SHED
Spanish nobleman GRANDEE
Specious reasoning SOPHISM
Stuck through IMPALED
Till compartment ONES
Timecard measure: Abbr HRS
University in Beaumont, Tex LAMAR
University in Garden City, Long Island ADELPHI
W.W. II org OSS
Who says 'O, what a noble mind is here o'erthrown!,' in Shakespeare OPHELIA
Whole bunch SLEW
Winning gesture VSIGN
Writer who specializes in sentimental stories SOBSISTER
___ football ARENA
___ generis SUI
___ land LALA
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