How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 09 2004

'I wouldn't say so' NOTREALLY
'Of course!' WELLYES
'___ Deutsch, bitte' (German teacher's request) AUF
'___ missing ...' SOMETHINGS
1987 Nobel Peace Prize recipient ARIAS
Actress Dombasle of French film ARIELLE
After everything NET
Attach, as stripes SEWON
Big top features? DCUPS
Blakley of 'Nashville' RONEE
Bristol-to-Birmingham dir. NNE
Burns's 'O Were My Love ___ Lilac Fair' YON
Decree UKASE
Detective, at times TAIL
Dissolves, as cells LYSES
Distances from the y-axis on a graph ABSCISSAS
Drainage site SINUS
Farm workers' protective outerwear SMOCKFROCKS
Filmmaker Riefenstahl LENI
Fire safety measure SPRINKLERSYSTEM
Gender-neutral SEXLESS
Half profile? KENNEDY
Harding's 1920 opponent COX
Harsh sound CAW
High school subject AMERICANHISTORY
High-crime district BADAREA
Innateness IMMANENCE
Insurrectionist REB
It survived the crashing rocks, in myth ARGO
Italian lover's coo TIAMO
John ___, who directed 'The Magnificent Seven' STURGES
Longtime Hapsburg domain: Abbr. HRE
Lovable 2001 cartoon hero SHREK
Merry-go-round figure, to a child HORSY
Mutual relationships SYMBIOSES
Novartis product EXLAX
Of a certain number system OCTAL
Office gadget DATESTAMP
One leaving the band to pursue other interests? ADULTERER
Part for five Beethoven sonatas CELLO
Part of a place setting UTENSIL
Part of a proportional representation? ISTO
Photo reprint option: Abbr. ENL
Pointing a finger at IDING
Previously NEE
Refusing to give ADAMANT
Remains ASHES
Resort south of Tampa SARASOTASPRINGS
Role for which George Burns won Best Supporting Actor in 'The Sunshine Boys' ALLEWIS
See 21-Across ALL
Shifts places? DRESSRACKS
Small and round PEALIKE
Some grad students, for short TAS
Some needlework: Abbr. INITS
Suffix with colour ISE
Suffix with tubul- OSE
Thomas in entertainment MARLO
Tom Hanks film, with 'The' GREENMILE
What 21-Across 51-Down is TIE
White option CHABLIS
With 51-Down, a common tennis score ONE
Write wrongs LIBEL
Year of the first Davis Cup matches MCM
___ Genevieve, Mo. STE
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