How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 08 2008

'Dang it!' SHOOT
'Keep it down' SHH
'Little' woman of '60s music EVA
'Real Time With Bill ___' MAHER
'___ Vadis' QUO
1980s sitcom built around the Tanner family ALF
1988 presidential candidate DUKAKIS
Africa's most populous city CAIRO
Agnus ___ DEI
Alternative to a wagon SEDAN
Baby's word DADA
Book before Obadiah AMOS
Camp bed COT
Casino section SLOTS
Cath., for one REL
Certain family members, affectionately NANAS
Coastal raptor OSPREY
Coffeehouse music genre FOLK
Coffeehouse patrons, once HIPSTERS
Collar attachment LEASH
Computer key ALT
Dempsey's 1923 opponent FIRPO
First sign ARIES
Flower part SEPAL
Former govt. agcy. formed after W.W. II AEC
Gardner of 'The Barefoot Contessa' AVA
Girl in a 'Paint Your Wagon' song ELISA
Gold meas. KTS
Green shade OLIVE
Hard or soft drink CIDER
Having only one purpose ADHOC
High, in a way ONPOT
Highland headgear TAMS
Hot ___ TAMALE
Hunting aids DUCKDECOYS
It may be pitched WOO
Item that's often waxed SKI
J.D.'s title ESQ
Kemo ___ SABE
La ___ (Chinese food brand) CHOY
Library copy of a book, commonly HARDBACKEDITION
Like a desert ARID
Like non-oyster months RLESS
Like some batteries DEAD
Mediterranean emotion AMORE
Nickname for former N.F.L.'er Ed Jones TOOTALL
Northern native ALEUT
On one's toes ALERT
Org. with an eagle in its logo NRA
Place to get an Electra, once BUICKDEALERSHIP
Played the first card LED
Prefix with tourist ECO
Prepared some desserts BAKEDCAKES
Prohibitionists DRYS
Puppeteer Lewis SHARI
Rail site STAIR
Red ink cause DEBTS
Rock's Tommy, ex-husband of Pamela Anderson LEE
Roman who originated the phrase 'While there's life, there's hope' CICERO
Run-of-the-mill USUAL
See 10-Down DRINK
See 40-Across THEDECK
Serpentine shape ESS
Show AIR
Some are fine ARTS
Studio behind many Astaire/Rogers films RKO
Tested the weight of HEFTED
That, to Teodoro ESA
The Sun, The Moon or The Star TAROT
Umpire's shout PLAYBALL
W.W. I French fighter planes SPADS
With 11-Down, preceders of 'be merry' EAT
With 42-Across, prepare to play cards (and a hint to this puzzle's circled letters) SHUFFLE
Word that may go before 42-Across CLEAR
Words before time or cost ATANY
Wozniak who co-founded Apple Computer STEVE
You may get your feet wet with this DEW
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