How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 07 2018

'Ain't I somethin'?!' tada
'Aw, nuts!' foo
'Gah!' aargh
'Ni-i-i-ice!' sweet
'Pretty slick!' neato
'Spider-Man' baddie docock
'That's my intention' iplanto
'Water, water, everywhere,' per Coleridge sea
'What have I done!' ohno
'X' isn't really one brand
'You're in my spot!' move
'___ and the Real Girl' (2007 comedy) lars
'___ time' its
'___ tu' (Verdi aria) eri
A lid usually covers it at night iris
About asto
Accord treaty
Alternatively else
Animal with a snout tapir
Another nickname for Old Abe ... or a description of the circled letter? rsailsplitter
Apostle of Ireland, for short stpat
Astronaut's place .. outqerspace
At the end of the day afterall
Aves sts
Away from work for a while onleave
Be a lousy bedmate, say snore
Bear: Sp oso
Big retailer of camping gear rei
Bill note
Bit of good fortune .. luckeybreak
Bring into the world beget
By birth nee
Cabinet dept educ
Calif.'s 101, e.g rte
Candidate's goal seat
CBS drama beginning in 2018 fbi
Cellular messenger rna
Chose not to didnt
City from which the U.S. moved its embassy in 2018 telaviv
Clutch brood
Coinage during the 2008 presidential election nobama
Common phobia source germs
Computer command undo
Containing iron ferric
Converts to binary, e.g encodes
Counterpart of Venus mars
Cyberexpert's worry .. securritybreach
Discontent unease
Distant source of radio waves pulsar
Dr. Seuss title animal yertle
Each 'O' of BOGO one
Early ___ adopter
Egg: Prefix ovo
Eight: Prefix octa
Experts gurus
Experts in the field? umps
Expression of dismay oyvey
External parasites epizoa
Eyeball layer sclera
Feeling with a deadline approaching panic
Followers of talks qandas
Funny Brooks mel
General rule precept
General ___ chicken tsos
Got fit tonedup
Grammy winner Corinne Bailey ___ rae
Gung-ho eager
Have a feeling sense
Have because of oweto
Hawaiian mash-up? poi
Heist figure .. spafecracker
Intrinsically atroot
Is on the up and up? ascends
Join unite
Keep busy tieup
Kind sort
Kind type
Kind of hygiene oral
Kitchen sink attachment disposal
Let out, as a sigh heaved
Like an increasing amount of immigration to the U.S. nowadays asian
Like carbon 12, but not carbon 14 stable
Lilac or lavender odor
Literally, 'great O's' omegas
Little protestation peep
Lounges loafs
Memphis-to-Nashville dir ene
Middle-earth denizen ent
Minuscule, cutesily eensie
Mom-and-pop org pta
More cunning slyer
Much-disputed part of an airplane armrest
Naval rank: Abbr ens
Negative connector nor
Not yet packed, say unready
Office device .. paepercutter
Omani money rials
Org. founded under Nixon epa
Overturn upset
Part of a place setting utensil
Part of an auto garage's business towage
Physicist Mach ernst
Poet who originated the phrase 'harmony in discord' horace
Powerful arm uzi
Problem for a plumber clog
Product much advertised during football games beer
Publisher's announcement itsout
Quick signatures, quickly inits
Remained fresh kept
Respond to a bumper sticker, maybe honk
Rizzo in 'Midnight Cowboy' ratso
Scot's refusal nae
Scottie's warning grr
Scowling aglare
Screen or partition .. rouomdivider
Section at a zoo apes
Some see-through curtains sheers
Something to chew on dogtoy
Something you might get your mitts on oven
Soon anon
Store banner .. grangdopening
The 'r' of r = d/t rate
The Harry Potter novels, e.g septet
Trip up err
Truckful ton
Truckful load
Venus, but not Serena planet
Visits a school, maybe scubas
Void blankness
Wallop clobber
Wet rainy
What a 'singleton' is, in baseball lingo solohomer
Where decongestant spray goes .. naasalcavity
Whigs' opponents tories
Worry in East Africa tsetse
___ Amsterdam (name on colonial maps) new
___ chips (trendy snack food) kale
___ drive usb
___ Poke (caramel candy) slo
___-rock alt
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